90 in 90: France vs. Argentina | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

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Watch 90 minutes of France vs. Argentina in 90 seconds.

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90 in 90: France vs. Argentina | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights


FOX Soccer



FOX Soccer says:

Who was the best player in today's match?

DestroyerXL12 says:

I bet Argentina was looking at Messi like: “You better clutch this last minute”

Vince McMahon says:

Mbappe makes fast people look slow

Tariq Khan says:

I can't believe so many coaches dont get it and mismanaged Messi with Argentina, Argentina is missing a Riquelme someone to create chances, Messi should just be responsible for creating chances and having aguero and dybala up front to score. but instead they keep making the same mistake over and over and rely on messi to do everythign

Daily Liv says:


Tho Athome says:

I feel bad for Messi, his team they are just holding him back.

Analiz Francisco says:

YO all the good teams keep losing but congrats to the teams that win

Medgar Forever says:

Mbappe, the new Christiano. Who wins a world cup.

Flat Earther says:

Make france play in africa confederation a team like this doesnt belong in europe

Silvia says:

I bet the finals will be France against Brazil

Vic Die says:

Did you miss Romero? I did. France has no chance against Uruguay

Sports Compilations says:

Check out my top goals of the group stage compilation on my channel!

Samir Toto says:


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Josue Ochoa says:

4-3 what a game mate! Best tournament so far!

apolo kabali says:

To call France Africa is pure race and geographic ignorance,these black players were born in France i would suspect. As an African it would go against my religios buddhist believe to support a team because they have black players. I live in the U.S. o would just wait and continue supporting our youth's growth here.Argentine needs to forget Messi rebuid he is old news. Arrogance and bad refs dont last, that is a very sad team

Joanne Mejia says:

This match gave me so much anxiety. I'm so happy France won

Brandon E. George says:

0:46 Goalkeeper WHAT IS U DOIN’?

Tiger Soupe says:

2 decades have past! and still Argentina dont have a good defence! can't blame Messi all the time! that last shot could have been argentine goal if he had headed instead of kicking / trying to control the ball.. there 2/3 argentine players waiting to head in! total blockbuster game.. but France deserved it! one my fav's in the tournament!

emanuscriptgraphics says:

Nice shots in this game. Wow

Vitaliy Fursov says:

final will be croatia vs france

Andrei Pachita says:

At least they put up a good fight against France. The rest of the matches they played like garbage

utubedeez says:

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Jazelle Desouza says:

It's all SET UP!!! Not exactly this match but the whole thing is pre written! If you analyze some games, you will notice that players knew what they were doing when loosing.
Interesting fact that the coach of Spain said on 06/29/18 that he will not put Sergio Ramos to perform final penalties with Russia.(It was 2 days before the match). First thing that came to my head: who told you there will be any penalties? Russia's chances against Spain were 25-30%.
Or why 10 players from Argentina want to quit the national team? Bad coach or a bad team spirit??? They've been told to loose.
Don't ask "why?". It's and old simple reason: MONEY.

Cindycutie 21 says:

I think they all did good. They all got there way to make a goal.

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