Eden Hazard DESTROYING Great Players

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SEN31 Official says:

He will be back to his best in no time . #EH7

Youssef dridi says:

Car tu à beaucoup à acquérir et après transmettre ton savoir.

Youssef dridi says:

Ne te repose pas sur t'est acquis

Youssef dridi says:

Putain eden hazard fait tout péter au Real et amuse toi quand tu joue comme au quartier rien à foutre de ce que les gens disent

Omar says:

Dislike : can x96

Green Squirrel says:

I remember last fifa. My brother was an argentina fan and me a belgian fan. He used to tease me as almost every elder brother does. We showed them a perfect game and he had to admit that there was no way anybody could take ball and tackle hazard and also that fellaini stopped almost all the balls that were shot past him.

Rakshith Gowda says:

he just kicks around the ball and runs behind it like a headless chicken

manuel miranda says:

Song 0:31 ?

Minhhuy says:

He's a monster

Berke Demir says:

where is the 'destroying' part

ここここ says:

It's easy to break Smalling.

Nathaniel Haye says:

Will never forget the look on Aguero's face….legendary!

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