Eden Hazard scores hat trick for Chelsea

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Eden Hazard scored Chelsea’s first three goals in their 4-1 win over Cardiff City.


Joe Colas says:


FarawayTundra008 says:

I remember after the last Mourinho season all my friends were bitching about Hazard should be downgraded he should be like an 86 or an 84 then he scored 17 League goals and won the league and sadly that didn’t shut them up because after last season they complained again “Hazard isn’t a 90 rated player” how is he not with performances like this

Spencer Burdette says:

I keep forgetting mans is 5' 8"

Ziyyan Khan says:

I like Manchester United the best, but I don't know why I like Hazard and his play style one of the best in the premier league.

Aaron Chan says:

As an Arsenal fan, hats off to you Hazard and what Sarri/Chelsea got going. Also gotta give Giroud credit for those assists. Glad to see he's doing well at Chelsea.

Max h says:

Giroud looks good.

Dukdaphukdown says:

Unlucky own goal deflection and PK? I’m a hazard fan but come on. Have to be there to score it, and the ball has to get near the goal to go in but overhyped some.

Otranx Tech says:

Hazard has been involved in 7 goals & only started 3 matches out of 5. Best statistic across Europe= Best player in Europe so Sarri was right!

Sebastian says:

Best Player in the League currently

Nisharth Rajput says:

That fake pass show's why he's one of the best in the world

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