Eden Hazard vs Salzburg | First goal for Real Madrid HD 1080i

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Hamid Benamra says:

Il est déjà dans un jeu perso, servi par le grand Benzema sur un plateau mais il rend pas l’ascenseur .

Lucas Arnau says:

https://youtu.be/wx8lLh6_Y4o mira como vive Eden Hazard en Madrid, conoce su nueva mansion €11 millones de euros.


Marcelo is betther than everybody

Mesh Alqu says:

الدقيقه 7 هدف ماجا



xReflex says:


Terry Tong says:

If they can beat Salzburg they can beat Barca.

This is a joke.

hari ramesh says:

Come back to Chelsea after this season

3 X says:

Wtf, Hazard is not Ronaldo, Hazard is his own self. Hazard can be a beast but surely..

Bigmacsunday says:

You know what’s crazy hazard and his replacement at Chelsea both scored against Salzburg

Stefano says:

He is Naruto running in the thumbnail… clearly getting ready for Area 51

Lebron James says:


Twisted Animator says:

Soon i will have the Great HONOR to see Real Madrid and all those BEASTS on Live !!!! FUCK ME I CAN"T WAITTTTTTTTT

Abo Niass says:

c'est joli

Minox-beardwall says:

I just love how style

Saadia Mohamed says:

Congrats but go to the gym for your own good

Ruben Badillo says:

Joao felix is gonna test real madrids fans loyalty

Teka To says:

What a nice problem to have.

biax 89 says:

Your old club is suffer there hazard!!

Good Vibes says:

If you are here for Eden hazard let me see your like

Adel Jaan says:

Joy to watch his dribbling really

Grogg Dawkins says:

More goals for you!!!!

oluwatosin fagun says:

Hazard is just hazard!
Very Hazardous?!

Koketso Bambo says:

Regardless of him being new, Eden Harzard is a machine, he is very precarious when holding the ball, and its still early for him to prove, just watch the space while he is still gaining momentum u shall all witness how great he is#I RESPECT THE BOY

khamis Jumaa says:

Ajali morogoro

infos global tv says:

Kubo vinicius odegaard rodrygo joviv


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