I Challenged PRO Footballer EDEN HAZARD To a Football Game

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I challenged Eden hazard to a football game of horse and he was amazing with his football skills! this football challenge vs Chelsea football star Eden hazard was intense and fun to film Eden hazard is a sick pro footballer and i learned some cool soccer skills from him

Thanks to Nissan for letting me film a football challenge with eden hazard http:www.instagram.com/nissanfootball
Daniel cutting: https://www.youtube.com/user/DanielCutting

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GTUnited Football club: http://www.gtunited.co.uk/
Twitter – GTunitedYouth
Instagram -gtunited2015
Lea Valley twitter: @lvufc14

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Football Star Eden Hazard takes on a football challenge vs me! is he better than Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Paul Pogba or Neymar Jr?

I Challenged EDEN HAZARD To a Football Game & He Did This..


SV2 says:

EDEN Hazard is such a good footballer! WHO WANTS TO WIN THE FOOTBALL BOOTS?

O K says:

I could tell you were nervous as hell against hazard

Kaylan Moise says:

U got 5 points

Maria Bhatti says:

Any Belgium fans hazard is my idol

Zedan Soogrim says:

Three points for SV2

DEV_ 4522 says:

The score i think is 5-4 to hazzard

Mahine Malik says:

I think you got 4 points against hazard

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