"I think it is a goodbye." Eden Hazard all but confirms Chelsea exit plans

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Eden Hazard speaks to BT Sport’s Darrell Currie after after scoring twice in Chelsea’s 4-1 win against Arsenal in the 2019 Europa League final.

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Josh Cox says:

Eden hazard wasn't that amazing of a player someone give me a massive champions League match he actually performed well in ?

Greg Devlin says:

Lfc fan. Really like hazard as a person. Now that hes not at chelsea. Lol just kidding. What a guy and player. A loss for the epl

The Anonymous Youtuber says:

2014 – Frank Lampard
2017- John Terry
2019 – Eden Hazard
Thanks for everything eden, always be part of chelsea.

Jordan Redshaw says:

Genuinely heartbroken seeing this live

GG WP says:

Best Chelsea:
GK: Petr Cech
Defender: John Terry
Midfielder: Frank Lampard
Winger: Eden Hazard
Striker: Didier Drogba.

Saiki says:

No one:

12 year olds on youtube: "hE sPeAkS. BeTtER eGlISh than kaNe"

Shane O Neill says:

That reporter probably just doubled his wages

Litle Dragon says:

he said, "depend the club"..
Give him something good Abramovic..he deserve it..
I know he want to stay in Chelsea.. and we will be on UCL next season, we need him..

Richard Castaway says:

Drogba .. lamps.. hazard. .

El Papi says:

What a perfect goodbye giving chelsea the Europa league if he leaves fans should respect his decision im sure chelsea will find a great replacement

Victor Richards says:

Hate When EPL lose great players. Best of luck lad.GGMU

Architect 47 says:

He might still be with Chelsea next season. He's not sure about the move to Madrid.

Fig Watkins says:

One of the most talented players in PL history

BlissFilmz says:

Can't wait for Chelsea to turn into Bournemouth

Jamie Ingram says:

The interviewer or whoever is asking the questions can actually go and do one. The superstar has just won a trophy with his team and it could be his last time with this team so just let him be and let him celebrate one last time.

Up To You says:

Like- Hazard stay at Chelsea
Subs- Move to Real Madrid

Matty Football says:

They wanted that title so bad

Ghoul SpinZ says:

Im litterally Chelsea to blood and hearing this makes me cry

Sen484 says:

Second best Chelsea player of all time for me.

Winx_YT says:

hazard reminds me of Messi. always looks straight up and his dribbling is out of this world. he is 3 years younger then Messi. so it won't surprise me if he wins a ballon dor soon. BUT DONT GET these WRONG MESSI FANBOYS IM NOT COMPARING MESSI WITH HAZARD BCUZ MESSI IS THE GOAT. I have never seen someone as good as Messi for real tho

MrDjambronk says:

4 English premier league clubs in Europe league and champions league finals.. what year is it??

Shubhankar Singh says:

He literally said that in an Indian accent not kidding wtf

hello there says:

The reporter pissed Eden off so much

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