Harry Maguire 2019 Defensive Skills and Goal – Welcome To Manchester United

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Skill Defensif Harry Maguire 2018-2019 Premier League.
Leicester City 2019
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Antipodeano says:

Man utd are clearly going for brits, due to rebuilding Man Utd culture and brexit concerns. I would pay whatever it takes to get Koulibaly over Maguire, but anybody improves over Smallballs and Philbert.

bishvajeet nayak says:

when has clapping becomwe a skill

Rene Vaz says:

Varane is the best and maguirre is only one more player

Kanakrid Suriyasenee says:

1:07 How the hell they can play with those similar color

T. de Goeij says:

Incredibly overrated. Being called the English de Ligt is a joke.

Nick Sebastien says:

Welcome to Stoke

Wsm Ultimatealex says:

United should not sign him

cabagan isabela says:

Why would he even go to United when United are just the same ranking with Leicester City as of 2018-2019 and beyond?

Robins Maske says:

Maguire is no different to smalling n Jones. It doesn't matter if he signs for city he's not an influential defender always backfires in big games. United should sign de ligt or koulibaly or if the transfer doesn't happen then United should go for Ruben Dias.

El'chapo Guz'man says:

Like my ass u r worth 90 mil ur shit u Square head prick u an stones let the team down

Kenneth KoKo says:

He will be additional to our headless English defenders Smally, Joney and youngy lol

Daniel Davy says:

People are there saying this guy is overrated. Never! He is good on the ball, defensively sound, very strong, exactly what we need in our defence, a man up for the battle, a ball winner. People may come up with the argument that he isn't at Van Dijk's level, but was Van Dijk world class before he moved to Liverpool? Definitely not. This guy is a big upgrade on our defence and can potentially have a path to the top like Van Dijk has.

Hsl Bai says:

Maguire best deven PL ?

Daniel Ross says:

He isint leaving us and is probably one of the best centrebacks in the world

E'POOL 23 says:

the fak man utd want to buy de ligt and maguire..nothing special about them..stupid!!!

veno says:

He is no de ligt but he will do the job well ..

Flex says:

Lol Maguire ain’t moving nowhere

trainer mark trainer mark says:

Hope man city dont sign him

The Bizness says:

We need the slabhead at the back! Prem proven and shown consistency over the past few seasons. I'd take him over Koulibaly but in reality we need both. I'd even take Tardowski.

Supreem28 says:

Mate it looks like you ate a bunch of greasy chicken wings then touched the camera lens… I realise you didn't shoot the footage but why is it such poor quality?

Are we in 1992?

Hamumi dragon says:

I think we need Maguire cz koulibaly hvnt played in the premier league and dnt have that experience

Charlie Assirati says:

Don’t mind maguire but I don’t think he is world class. He’s definitely an upgrade but he’s not on that van djik level.

ja ja says:

Arsenal needed strong defender like Liverpool…. Liverpool bought Van Dijk and Arsenal should buy Maguire

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