Harry Maguire – Welcome to Manchester United – Best Goals & Skills – 2018

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Is Maguire going to Manchester United this summer ?



hussein kadhem says:

ILove you Haary❤❤

Robinho B says:

He hasn’t even signed for United you fucking morons

Devraj Sood says:

hahahahahahahahahaha, he never came, stupid united fans always thinking that they will sign everyone

Darren Baker says:

Fuck off you shit red cunts

Callum Williams says:

Ur so dumb he hasn’t left twats

Ben Moses says:


neil ransom says:


Uzb Samarkand says:

manchester unitedga seni kutaman kelaqol.

Johnny 89 says:

Cheap player is not good
Good player is not cheap
Just bring him here!!

uDie WenZu says:

90M€ just for that

drew lane says:

You are aware you haven't signed him. Thanks for the video reminding us what a wonderful player Leicester have

Fa Iz says:

Definitely good player, still young, strong, good ariel duels, good with his feet, fast enough and scores goals too but i doubt he is not worth 65m, yes the main reason is the WC but we should pushed to get him for max 50m or 30m +Rojo/Jones /smalling.

Moba Wenyei says:

He is devoted player when it comes to team work

The Unknown Genius says:

No bullshit but since i saw Maguire play for Hull against us in the league cup semi's a couple season ago I knew this guy was quality and would end up at United. Anyone who paid attention from back then would know that he's not just a one off tournament star, he's genuinely top quality, maybe not world class but definitely good enough to improve our CB, plus he's English so that helps with the homegrown quota.

Boz z says:

Moves well for a fat guy

Alif Khair says:

Nope. Average. Still prefer Koulibaly or Toby

Logic That says:

United fans are watching this

Jim Jones says:

I think Maguire is still underrated by a lot of people. Because he's had a lot of hype off the back of his world cup performances, combined with the price tag being bandied about- he's perceived as just being a hypejob. He was immense at the world cup, combined with his performances for Leicester last season.

Devil Son says:

welcome to MUFC

Bajeet The nigga says:

Why not Boateng?

Subhan Qureshi says:

65 m for him is too much..40 m would be good.

인아 says:

No. Please buy Alderweireld

Marlon 85 says:

I rate him, but £65m as reported is a joke. Not blaming JM but Woodward and the scouts are a joke! Our scouts got Lindelof for just under £40m!

Efo Sagada says:

he is not bad

Black lightning says:

If United sign him and rebic I do t be so worried if not then boy top four scramble

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