Ivan Perisic Against Tottenham | 2018/19

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Ivan Perisic

Highlights of Perisic’s performance against Tottenham.

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Tanja 1122 says:

Perisic is too good for Inter Milan, so many beautiful passes that nobody could finish. It will be interesting to see if he stays or leaves.

Abdulrahman Hawarneh says:

0:33 sorry not good enough.

Daniel Molina says:

this performance reminds me of Theo "/

eletmuvesz17 says:

Not his best outing.

Carl says:

For me, it's a bad highlight video. But the thing that makes me intrigued, is that I think he would fit Emery's system really well.

citrenoogeht says:

Not impressed. Only good for a short term loan till the end of the season.

Slim Danger says:

He’s pretty good for his age, especially when he was playing in the World Cup last year. I’d sign him any day

Yakubu Salifu says:

So far as he's better with the ball than iwobi, I would take him all day

Ankle Socks says:

That pitch was shitty

Kinry Double says:

A decent signing if it's going to happen, Arsenal fans?

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