IVAN PERISIC | Welcome To Manchester United? | Unreal Speed, Goals & Skills 2018 (HD)

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Ivan Perisic – Inter – 2017/2018 ➠ World Of Football
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Ivan Perisic is Croatian football player who plays for Inter. Video shows all of his goals, assists and best overall play for inter during 2017/2018 season.

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WorldOfFootballHD says:

IVAN PERISIC! In my opinion the best player in Croatian World Cup squad along with Modric. Explosive player with great crossing and dribbling. Top 10 winger in the world for sure!

Destiny Best says:

He fits mourinho tactic park the bus because perisic is good at defending very good in defense and also a good assist man good crosser

zona4 gvng says:

Welcome stocazzo

Shishio Makoto says:

Welcome to Inter.

White Raven says:

He got a jump more than Jordan was

big_ngiuluzzu says:

Sognare non costa nulla

Francesco Monachetti says:

Ma sicuro proprio

E- Volt says:

Welcome to manchester?? The hell are you talking about??

Abdullah Asif says:

Please upload toby aldewereld Wc video

diego sabadini says:

pagare moneta vedere cammello

giovanni F says:

Ma succhia il cazzo

Lil Goku says:

He's LW not RW

Lil Goku says:

wish they sold him for about 70-80m he's not as good with inter as with croatia

Ivancar75 says:

Mou for Perisic 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000di euri

Nick 1908 says:

Welcome il cazzo

Marco 12355 says:

Welcome My Ass.

Mehdi Habachi says:

Hahahahaha INTER Consider him priceless, don't even dream.

Mh Tsos says:

Remember me,perisic stay in inter :)

domenico gramazio says:

inter milan the best

Suj Sel says:

We all know ur working hard but y cant u do ronaldo F.Ruiz new players dat joined series a

Black lightning says:

Not this crap again the guy ain't leaving inter. Who's paying 40mil for a 30 year old? Never compare world cup form with club football perisic is very inconsistent

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