Preben Elkjaer – Forgotten Footballers Part 1 (4Dfoot)

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Preben Elkjaer proved three things. You don’t have to be short to be a sensational dribbler. You don’t have to be serious to be successful. And you don’t need shoes to score goals. Read the career story of this forgotten Danish legend:

Credits to youtuber llaauuddrruupp for tons of footage. He is the number one youtuber of classic Danish football.

Sebastiaan van de Water – 2011


Jan Arne Hansen says:

Forgotten? No way! The man is a legend!

Nick Broccolidwarf says:

"The crazy man from Lokeren" and "The mayor of Verona" – One of the best strikers in history.

松本大原万歳太郎 says:


bobby sands says:

Grandissimo Preben!!!
Forza Hellas Verona /=

Boz Ajanovic says:

He was very strong and yet very good technically, great finisher. Thankfully, I am too young to remember when he and Denmark demolished Yugoslavia, my former home country, in the Euros '84, 5-0. I believe he scored 2 goals.

billyblackburn87 says:

wow better than the Laudrup Bros


che giocatore,uomo con le palle cubiche,altro che le bimbette di oggi…respect from italy

FR Anderberg says:

Four guys in a bar.
Michel Platini: Mitterrand says I'm the best player in the world!
Paolo Rossi: The Pope says I'm the best player in the world!
Maradona: God says I'm the best player in the world!
Preben Elkjaer: I never said that!

jackthetrade says:

What is the song from 0.00to 0.13?

Andreas says:

Elkjaer Sindaco

Carlo Recchi says:

Pelle d'oca alta un metro. Non si può fermare il vento

VisualX says:

Why was he not as famous as the other greats at that time ? Like Maradona, Zico, Platini, Van Basten, Careca, Gullit etc. He had so many tricks and skills.

Thomas Kolbeck says:

Elkjær for satan.. tilbage på landsholdet med dig!

brahmanzarek says:

My father named me after him. :D

Krag says:

Ja, ham kunne vi satme godt bruge på landsholdet nu :) top 10 alltime striker.

robbiesize says:

Loved the Danish Dynamite!

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