Total Football

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by Holland’88 The Orange National Team..


Andrew5843 says:

Spanish tiki-taka is a significant upgrade of Total Football because it relies on more possesion.

skatebandid says:

who would have thought that SPAIN would beat NETHERLANDS by using TOTAL FOOTBALL in the world cup final!!

randomorgan7 says:


jasamfranjo says:

i agree. Everytime i watch Barca play it is sooooooooooo boring its not even exciting at all. There are no rules as to how to play football. The whole point is to try and score and im sick of people saying Chelsea didnt play football. How did they win the fucking FA Cup and Champions League than? Just watching this video is boring. At least booting the ball is exiciting. This is just wasting time like you said.

jasamfranjo says:

Backpass at 0:08? Any1? No? Okay….

Skit20 says:

Sorry Holland fans. Go Spain!

Skit20 says:

If England ever face against Netherlands one day, lets see if they can beat them.

rmj15mu says:

Total football at its finest!

scoutsouljademoman says:

wow this is so exciting when the pass it sideways and backwards

Alfadore says:


desmunch says:

barcelona owe ajax 5 champions league trophy and money

Ihateplayinggames says:

Nah you were allowed to grab the ball back then ;-)

Ihateplayinggames says:

lol… you’re from Australia, so I guess it makes sense that you don’t understand that this is total football.

hjdutch says:

ugh this ISNT total football!

stop upvoting crap

Aqib Ullah says:

it pookd liie theres 20 ajax plqyers on the pitch.

bighands69 says:

In the last 40 years of football only one none passing team has won a tournament and that was Greece.

Chelsea had only 4 English players playing in the final maybe if the rest of the Chelsea team changed their nationality you may have a difference.

It make no difference if England got the equalizer or not England was played on the field by Germany.

Germany passed the ball better than England that is the fact.

Skit20 says:

I support both England and Spain and Germany and Netherlands are very strong competitors. Germany and Netherlands are the biggest threat to England and Spain.

Skit20 says:

Portugal will definitely beat Denmark for sure and Portugal might able to beat Netherlands but most likely they won’t. Germany? No way. It would like to see if both Portugal and Denmark comeout of the group stage but mostly likely they won’t.

Skit20 says:

This is what Denmark is doing currently. So I don’t think Denmark will have a chance to beat Germany, Netherlands and Portugal to come out group stage in UEFA Euro 2012.

Skit20 says:

Tiki Taka is a short passing game, which is what Spain plays is alot more exciting to watch because they add alot power into it. Spain do alot of running of counter attack, defending and park the bus. Each player spend less time with the ball before. They do some long passes aswell. Tiki Taka is more direct style of short passing game compare to Total Football. So Tiki-Taka is far more better than Total Football.

BenHGuitar says:

This was before the back-pass rule had been introduced, which according to Wikipedia was 1992 

35Sickness says:

Haha why didn’t the ref stop play?! The keeper can’t grab it when passed back? Correct?

team2starabridged says:

how many english players where actually playing for them besides sturridge terry lampard and cole

Goldendroid says:

Continuing on: It’s just a different style of football. English football is very physical and strength based, and Portuguese football is definitely NOT ahead of English football in terms of their leagues.

Maybe internationally, but definitely not in the league.

Goldendroid says:

I disagree, there’s a line to be drawn.

England should have got the equaliser, but it was the disallowed goal and a very very clear goal. If that had gone in the game would have changed entirely. However, it wasn’t and a team’s spirit can make a very big difference. You only need to look at Chelsea’s Champion’s League win to see how much determination can help a team.

Another thing, Passing isn’t the only thing in football. And I don’t get how you can be “ahead” of a team in “years”

bighands69 says:

Lampard and Gerrard can make good one of passes but they do not have the technique nor footballing mentality to control a game by passing were as paul scholes can do this.

That lack of passing for England is the reason were destroyed by Germany in the world cup.

Portugal are a good passing team and I wish England could play like that. Portugal is a good 15 years ahead of English football.

Goldendroid says:

Oh they’re hopeless. Honestly I do agree that England as a whole aren’t the best of passers. As a Portuguese guy I’m looking to see how Portugal will fair without the old legends anymore. Back to the point, England have good finishers and the attacking midfielders as you say. All I was arguing was that Lampard and Gerrard can and repeatedly do play in very good passes as well as have tremendous shots.

bighands69 says:

The English national team cannot pass the ball.

A question for you do you think the English team can pass the ball as well as other European teams.

bighands69 says:

Chelsea, Man utd, Arsenal, and Man city are all good teams but they are only 3 teams in the EPL that play proper football.

The Chelsea team is made up mostly of expensive foreign players that were all developed in other countries. That Chelsea winning side had only 4 English players in the line up.

They did beat Spanish teams but that is not a measure of the capability of the EPL.

Goldendroid says:

Well Chelsea won the champions league. Beating both Spanish and German football.

bighands69 says:

Gerrard and lampard are not play makers of any type. They are attacking midfielders that score goals.

Scholes on the other hand can pass the ball like dutch and Spanish players but he has been the only one that England has produce since the 1980s.

English football is at least 20 years behind spain and 10 years behind german Football.

I remember a time when English football could pass the ball as well as European football but those days are gone.

Goldendroid says:

That’s why we in England only buy the best foreign playmakers.

But dont forget Gerrard, Lampard, and Scholes. All getting old but all playmakers.

raulox17 says:

the clockwork orange

bighands69 says:

Holland have played in 3 world cup finals since 1966 and have won the european championship and they for the most part have played proper football.

The best that England have done is 1 world cup semi final in 1990.

The facts stand the English national team cannot pass the ball as the EPL is all about physical football and tackling.

Crotia can pass the ball better than England.

The last time English football could pass the ball was 1990 and that was the end of a era.

kolarungu says:

wait2..can the player pass the ball to the keeper and he grabs it ?

totalFOOTBALL360 says:

the dutch have not won a world cup either, 1 european championship thats it, cause their defence is shocking

mish3lovic says:

yeah but this is what others say. no way it’s total football and i don’t think any team can play like that now.

MrDanixii says:

Thats because Barça don´t do total football but ABSOLUTE FOOTBALL

MultiFunkalicious says:

Back then it was allowed, not sure when the rule was introduced though.

mish3lovic says:

this is what barca took and destroyed. they made total football look like total bullshit.

cecerchio says:

clap clap clap.
AS Roma, watch and learn damn it

Trubishka says:

Pass #4 ?! He passed the ball back to his keeper and he catch the ball with his hands ? That’s against the rules … Am I wrong ?

Mike Daniels says:

yes it is

besa911 says:

its same like barca!!

craziewill says:

Wrong. The pass #22 is not “hitting the ball far ahead and chasing it”. It’s a premeditated pass. Rudd did not chase the ball, it was his run to the space that was created from the 21 movements and passes prior.. nothing was passed long without direction and planned movement.

randominitializer says:

well, regardless of how much i admire this total football, the point is when the dutch are making the pass # 22, all the passes from 1 to 21 become effectively unimportant! that’s a long ball that needs to be chased down and it is effectively “hitting the ball far ahead and chasing it”.

bighands69 says:

Even England in 1990 played passing football.

England back then had a squad of good players that could all pass the ball at the same level as Germany. Back then England were a better passing team than the Spanish.

At that time the Spanish started to adapted the dutch passing game. Johan Cruyff was at Barca at this time it was he would introduced Spain to this type of football.

And it took Spain 20 years to get to were they are today.

bighands69 says:

Brazil 1970, Germany 1974, Argentina 1978, Germany 1990, Brazil 1994, France 1998, Brazil 2002, Spain 2010.

That is how many teams won since 1970 playing possession football. That is 8 out 11 world cups. The other world cups were won by team that could also pass the ball only at a lower rate.

Greece were an exception in euro 2004 but still had a team that had better technical skill that England has today.

England today is 20 years behind Spain and at least 10 behind Germany.

Tomaldinho9 says:

how many world cups has possession football won? that’s what i thought…

Mike Daniels says:


Tfunk says:


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