Total Football – Pressing Football. Netherlands 1974

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“I would describe what the journalists call ‘total football’, as ‘pressing football’. To me, this expression seems to put the emphasis on the type of footbal…


Poland Foxern says:


furrycheetah2000 says:

he better learn these kind of games as quickly as possible before the opponent injured him.

furrycheetah2000 says:

but the dutch that we know are still playing total football and pressing football today?

ObtuseSam says:

Yes, they were better.

Milan Jansen says:

Nice tbc

yalajmi17 says:


eroio90 says:

wao O_O

furrycheetah2000 says:

so the dutch are really good in total football and pressing football,right?better than brazil in 1974?

bytesize says:

Wow. almost like a video game..

chileno415 says:

Imagine neymar playing in these times he would always be injured

jan peter says:

don’t be to sure,
I wanna see these two kind of football against eachother. Evolution doesn’t mean making it better ;), look at poop fly’s. I actually think that if you put these two kind of games against eachother, totall football will win ;), ofcourse you also need to have two teams from the same quality.

AtGiza says:

they merely sanded it and tweeked it here and there

david benley says:

spain, espanya, Spanje

AtGiza says:

what’s a spain?

manfrestyle07 says:

Not spain, Barcelona and pep guardiola did haha

david benley says:

holland started and spain perfected it

Wee Wash says:

Amazing video man, thanks a lot for making/posting it.

Brian Lam says:

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Brian Lam says:

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bytesize says:

fantastic video!

ellocoavs says:

Great video. LOVE this song btw so thanks for that too ;)

Aranpreet Bhangal says:

4:35 the guy gets absolutely swarmed with orange shirts lol!

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