total football: the perfection

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1974 more dutch soccer Twitter:


steenmeijer19 says:

They should bring back those old Jerseys. That’s real beauty

k24bfan says:

Your right. The Philosophy was adapted and improved over time. I was 16 when I made this(Just came across the footage and decided to make some videos), still I hope you enjoy the video.

Ivan Armando Martorell says:

Hasta los colores de las camisetas de los árbitros estamos modificando en el Pes 2011, reemplazando los multicolores por la camisa negra, y los shorts negros.

Rogier7305 says:

Michels never invented total football, Jack Reynolds did and Michels played under him. Later when coach, Michels adapted Reynolds idea about football. And btw….nor Ajax nor Michels ever called it Total football back then. Pressing football it was called.

Ivan Armando Martorell says:

In this sense here is A TEAM, there is no individual game, actually “not chosen the best player of Team”, the choice is the best team, when the team works, there is a greater tendency to have more goals so least 90% of football matches. It may be that the equipment is with 68% possession of the ball and also miss the match because 4 shots on goal hit the post.

Ivan Armando Martorell says:

En este sentido aquí tenemos UN EQUIPO, no existe el juego individual, en realidad “no se elige al mejor jugador del Equipo”, la elección es el Mejor Equipo, cuándo funciona el Equipo, existe una tendencia mayor a tener más goles por lo menos en el 90% de los partidos de fútbol. Puede ser que el equipo esté con una posesión del 68% del balón y pierda también el encuentro porque 4 tiros a portería pegaron en el poste.

Ivan Armando Martorell says:

Como cambiaron las épocas, en el pasado cuándo el jugador concretaba un Gol, los compañeros los saludaban y abrazaban, ahora los jugadores se burlan, hacen gestos, se sacan la camiseta, se tiran, juegan con botines de colores, es por eso que en los video-games eliminé los botines de colores, reemplazando por los botines clásicos, los festejos al final, los banderines multicolores de los estadios con mensajes desleales y lo importante es la Pelota De Futbol Clasica de Fútbol.

Ivan Armando Martorell says:

Y esto es así, si no existen los Pases no existen los Goles, Holanda, Alemania; Dinamarca, Inglaterra, Suecia son equipos que siempre se destacaron por este juego. Argentina del 78 fue mejor Campeón que Argentina del 86, precisamente por tener este estilo de juego. Con driblear toda la Hora sin tener juego de pases en la actualidad es prácticamente imposible ganar.

XCuppoX says:

Pep is now bringing it to Bayern Munich

k24bfan says:

Irony is that its banned in Germany because of the song.

Vladimir Stepanov says:

Barcelona doesnt play total football,total football means:every atack must be finished whit shot on the goal or whit cross.All that barca is doing is passing beewteen the midfilders and central backs,even goalkeeper got like 50 passes for a match…Sorry for my english i got a brain tumor…

ShazoPunisher says:

Holland and Brazil……probably the best Football nations of all time, they have produced so much talent!

ro140fa says:

hollande ’74 best team of all times…cruyff is alien player

Aasim Azam says:

let’s not get ahead of ouselves here, there are a few differences between total football and tiki taka. Its essentially the same thing but Total football is a bit faster and punchier whereas tiki taka is god awful slow and boring as fuck!

newtassi says:

think so

newtassi says:

sacchi´s ac milan total football . sir alex ferguson said that milan was great

nepotiums says:

Barcelona’s style is more evolved than old-school total football. Players like Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Ronaldinho made this strategy more refine. And not to forget Guardiola who made it more attacking,defensive and entertaining at the same time. In short Total football needs Class A++ players to coordinate it not the other way around.

Yodas Brain says:

this is how darth vader would sing or talk if he was german.

bighands69 says:

If English football wants to be able to compete with the likes of Germany, France, Itlay, Brazil and Spain it is going to need to get 5-8 year olds today and start teaching them how to control the ball and pass it.

And in about 15-20 years these children would be breaking into to footballs top levels all armed with technical ability that is at Continental European level.

Starting a national program of Futsal would do this but what is the chances of this happening.

carragher93 says:

Yeah, I agree. I think I didn’t understand Barca’s strategy as much as what I do now. I the English league is terrible, I dont like it really. It’s not technical at all compared to Spain etc

bighands69 says:

Tiki taka is an evolved method of playing the game. There are differences.

bighands69 says:

I do not agree with the concept that football is quicker today than what it once was.

In England this has been the case but it has been to the detriment to the standard of football played in England. The EPL football is one of the worst in Europe it is all based on end to end football that characterized by tough tackling.

As a team Barcelona do keep a stable formation from a team defensive point of view and their possession football then keeps the team from being exposed.

bighands69 says:

They are the same.

Tiki Taka is based on the concept of total football.

You are correct in that in total football players cover any position. With Tiki taki this concept is based on passing the ball. So any out field player is expected to be able to pass the ball to a certain technical standard.

This is were they are the same. Tiki Taki is an evolved from of the concept. The Dutch original concept did include passing as well.

Esteban Guevara says:

tiki-taka is a significant upgrade of Total Football because it relies on ball movement

Esteban Guevara says:

no, total football and tiki taka are not the same thing, total football is when any outfield player can take over the role of any other player in a team, a player who moves out of his position is replaced by another from his team, thus retaining the team’s intended organisational structure. In this fluid system, no outfield player is fixed in a nominal role.while tiki taka is short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession.

seanreillyireland says:

To do that, you need the players.

carragher93 says:

Its a much quicker and physical game now aswell. I completely agree with the comment, but if Barcelona were as offensive as the Dutch, they’d risk the chance of being counter attacked. I just think you have to be tighter defensively, like what you’re saying about Barca, in order for the style to work properly now

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