totalfootball : the beginning

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in 1974 football was never the same again. The game changed thanks to total football twitter:


Ibvar7447 says:

It’s not total footbal, it’s AJAX/CRUIJFF footbal!!

TheKestevon says:

defenders were shit back then

k24bfan says:

Your right starts with club. This was my first video ever. I was trying to state that it was when the world really truly saw it. Not just Europe.

darkerbliss says:

Actually his players aren’t shit, English football is simply a different game, at a different time.

NElly Ahmed says:

i hope they dont play for fame…who do you expect to play soccer in america??usher?..bieber?..hahaha…

Communist1986 says:

Watch a game of Brazil 70. They had so many defensive fuck ups than any top team today would tear them a new one.

waterfordel says:

It would be awesome to see that. I understand that the MLS league is still growing. For those of us that are in the know, it would behoove of the U.S. national team to have its starters from the best league team, made up of only Americans.

Gerardo Perez says:

porQue putas nadie se atreve a comentar en español en este video!!! No somos los latinos y los europeos los que mas nos gusta el futbol pues???? :O :O :O

Gerardo Perez says:

Are you saying “America” for your country?? It isn´t United States? Come On! America somos todos! -_-

SatheeshJM says:

I love Barca’s Tika Taka(although I hate the club lol!) and have read up a a lot on Tiki Taka and Total Football. Everywhere it was said Total Football involved “constant interchanging of player positions blah blah”.. Never fully understood how that could be effective till I saw 3:34 to 3:44 in this video. If moves like that could be done throughout the match on a larger scale, WOW!

musicplateau1 says:

Yes, Holland were ahead of their time.1974 was a watershed tournament, in that the “winner” played with it’s prey, lost interest and before they knew it they had lost the game. The ultimate cat v mouse game..

EvertonRonaldo says:

Total football is amazing but whats even more AMAZING is the Keeper

k24bfan says:

Brazil 1970 I can see where your coming from. I’ve seen what little footage I could of 1950′s and yes for that period of time Brazil was ahead of its time but the game was played at a different pace and rhythm then it is today (many modern viewers would find boring)but perhaps it is just a generational issue since I didn’t grow up during that time. Brazil 1982 was a team that should have won. I just can’t get the same sensations with teams before 1970(even then its pushing it.)

ralal2003 says:

You need to watch Brazil play in the 50,60 and 1970 and yes the 1982 team..This was new to European football.European football was run hard ,kick the ball into the opponent zone .When Brazil came into Europe they were amazed The south Americans (Brazil) played this system and changed faced of European football

WALDO1000 says:

Holland 1978….Holland 1998….Holland…2010….would round out the top 4.

tamahomesoumya says:

what? was it because of him?

tamahomesoumya says:

THEY WERE UNSTOPABLE! my god..that type of passing back then!!!
The Dutch Team: Okay :(

carragher93 says:

If you think of it, The Dutch weren’t that good before this philosophy of football was introduce to the Dutch. It was around this same period that Ajax won three consecutive European Cup. They didn’t have the best or the most experienced team did the national squad. Plus they’d never been in a World Cup Final.

zac rogers says:

good point

jessiven1 says:

Brasil 1970 played the best football…the beautiful way of true attack minde…Spain of current are prob the best of all time but 1970 brasil will challenge them, hard to tell.

Mario Piluso says:

Because Germany played in the Italian Way:CATENACCIO.

AlbanAC10 says:

johan cruyff should be a manager – he is the one that helped barcelona play the way they do today and he took all of his ideas from the likes of Rinus Michels

k24bfan says:

From what I read over confidence in the end did them in and the German side was also very good and a worthy champion.

tamahomesoumya says:

So before 74 , total football was totally alien to the rest of the world. I guess thats why no one could stop them. So my question is, why didnt it work against germany in the finals? what did the germans do differently to stop this miracle that the dutch was using? Was it because of beckenbauer?

LostInTransition13 says:

Probably the best team never to win a world cup. Holland 74 – I salute you.

k24bfan says:

I think its possible. I think that the training here still needs improvement.

Chalie Hall says:

also, i really hope America learns and develops a type of total football because i think it would help make football (soccer, for any americans reading) more popular in America. Klinsmann’s style will help build popularity in America and hopefully turn the united states from joke to threat in the international game which, will take some time but, i think it could happen. But, i think for all of America to understand the game we will need our national team to be more creative and free flowing.

Chalie Hall says:

to me this seems and looks the way football should always be played. i’m much too young to understand why total football was a revelation at it’s time because i don’t have full knowledge of the style of football before total football was introduced to the world and also this type of football is all that i have ever really seen. i really wish i could have seen players like Platini and Di Stefano in their prime and in this style.

joni33333 says:

before Ajax and Holland , now Barca and Spain…… Total football will never die

team2starabridged says:

i knew not much about this style of play except it was like barca and the dutch invented it. i knew the dutch were good but this is insanly good

Goldendroid says:

if Chelsea had younger, faster defenders it couldve worked. Ashley Cole probably and David Luiz are the only ones who can keep up the pace. And Cole is already old.

Joao Paulo Dupui says:

Besides the fact that the forward must/should/could play back and defensor must/should/could play forward and wings were amazing fast and wisely positioned, I do not see much difference neither. And all the team were committed to play for the group itself and not for individually achievement. In other words, mental changing.

tarararatararararara says:

AVB is a good coach, it was just a bad timing. He wasn’t respected by his players. In two years AVB would be amazing working with the younger Chelsea team, now Chelsea is full of oldies and it it still in a transition period. What Chelsea now needs is a manager who knows tactics and is able to play the way Chelsea and English teams place. That’s why Di Matteo is doing good.

Jonathan Drayer says:

also hunting for the ball befor 74 that didn’t even exist

Jonathan Drayer says:

it is like k24bfan says befor 74 you just payed your posision cruyff and michels had another vission on the game haveing backs come up to support defensive midfielders attacking, keeping possesion of the ball. befor 74 football was just a long ball to the front and the see who can shoot it in

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