World Cup 1974 – Holland vs Uruguay (4Dfoot)

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NEW – Visit for more classic football video’s and full matches! This video shows the debut of Total Football: Holland’s first game in the 1…


Zedenexx says:

dude. Florentino builds skyscrapers and is the president of a 3 billion net worth football club on the side. Hey its your choice when you decide to hate or love one or another football team. If you want to be blind to the fact tha RM is one of the best, that’ your problem.

Furellus says:

Nah not mad, just a little bit disappointed. I heard Real lends money from Bankia, the bank that’s supported by the EU. That’s what you call a decent construction? Please don’t make me laugh, your whole youth is crying for jobs and leaving the country for that reason… It has nothing to do with football, but acting tough and calling that right invested is a bit rough for the poor people over there. The pressure at Real is so high, if they have 1 season of bad investments it’s almost game over.

Zedenexx says:

umad bitch??HAHA Next year were signing Falcao. If your favorite football team’s president would have went to univrsity and got a good degree, then make the right investments in construction, maybe your team too would have 100mil to spend on players like it was nothing. Not Florentino’s fault he has so much money, or the fact that Real is worth 3Bill. s were like stones and the pitches were shit to move the ball over.

Furellus says:

Ye when clubs like Real pay 100 million for a player, beautiful times really…
Btw, Cruyff >>>>>> Bale. Modern football as we know it started at this very moment so would you stfu already…?

Theriac33 says:

Because passive offside isn’t given these days and such offside traps are dangerous for the team in defence.

Theriac33 says:

8 man offside traps… looks like a good idea, but in today’s game passive offside isn’t called by the ref any more. :P

Marc Cheetham says:

Why do teams not employ this aggressive offside trap anymore?

helder sufiano says:

uruguay were run dawn!!!like dum moonkeys!! macacos desgraçados!!!

Zedenexx says:

Football sucked back then

woddy5177 says:

This is Total Footbal.

dnesto23 says:

I know all about the total football, but this is total defense @ 2:35 Man! that team was scary!

MaXwell Wong says:

Total Football.

436068 says:

this shitty music is really necessary?

WipeOut180 says:

Hm…..Quick pressing, precise passing, very good ball control, sounds like another national team we know doesn’t it?

hamodinho500 says:

منتخب هولندا هو أفضل فريق في العالم

Robson1898vascao says:

”A Clockwork Orange”

Nicolas KAiWAi Decerf says:

Why this music ? Is your sister’s dead ??? -´__`-)

Pece17 says:

Yeah of course. Stupid me! xd

mukarung says:

Barca under Cryuff (The Dream Team) is 2.0.

Pece17 says:

What is 2.0?

Ibvar7447 says:

I think Holland just liked to play the ball around more than winning. OMG we should have won this WC!! But as JC said, we are more famous for losing this WC than by winning it… WTF!! This one hurts the most

raffaelemi says:

Images, football, music. All is wonderful. Even moving.

doctorstrangesf says:

They were like a swarm of bee’s.

Joe Butler says:

Great to watch but man they really should’ve sorted out their shooting!

Pece17 says:

It’s like performance art!

Agustín Rodríguez says:

3:10 Ladislao Mazurckievicz

CO1974 says:

Still beautiful to watch!

Herby701 says:

that’s putting the other team of -side, you can see it also in the beginning, and later on as well. the dutch were famous for that, another great idea of Johan Cruijff!

Diego Augusto says:

tehy sure liked to kick the ball high as fuck

honey bozo says:

5:50 look at the celebration; classic debut. Grateful for these pix.. Still feel that this team would have buried Spain in S-Africa at the last WC.

Jean0987654321 says:

dat offside trap…

MetalMilitiaGda says:

2:35 – szaleństwo

Youssef boulmelf says:

haha respect for your comment

mukarung says:

This is Tiki-Taka 1.0. Current Barcelona is Tiki-Taka 3.0

cott2575 says:

Holland of 1974 – second only to Brazil 1970 in terms of artistry and flow – so unlucky to come up against Beckenbauer at his best and executioner Muller.

niktendo2000 says:

That offside trap is LEGENDARY ! I’ve seen teams do that for free kicks, but in open play? That is simply nuts

Paul Tokjian says:

you have a point there but i could work if the team doing the pressing would dictate the tempo.

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