All Goals In The Champions League Today | 11 December 2019

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Sit back and enjoy every goal from another night of Champions League action.


Jlfitnessmiami says:

Muslera didn’t sleep that night

Teodoro Silva says:

The crowd celebration at 5:04 , 7:46 is what futbol is about; is what makes futbol the best sport for me!

Jacob Macias says:

That Mbappe —>Neymar goal was pure sex

josiah horne says:

Why can’t these announcers learn how to pronounce players’ names?

Isaiah Smith says:

Bruhh 2:42

ineedazerosuit says:

Dumb commentator pronouncing a portuguese J like a spanish J. blegh

Ozzy says:

rezil GS. Trash GS !

kungbrewski says:

Beardmar looking fresh

Attacking3rd JP says:

Seriosly we need to give Real Madrid some credit. They were AWFUL last season, now they dont even lose

Jay Murthy says:

I said it before and I'll say it again. When Neymar is fit and playing only Messi is better than him. Neymar is a unique talent

Chris Mars says:

I'm liking the brotherhood with PSG as of late. They're starting to embrace each other. They've had a bad start, full of envy and distrust with one another but now they're starting to open up and embrace each other.

Fortnite Streamer10 says:

Neymars a beast

julian sanchez says:

A tap in for cristiano ronaldo or another tap in for cristiano ronaldo which one is it ??! Lmao

Alexis Sánchez says:

4 Brazilians scored today Coutinho, Neymar, Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr

Mohamad Jahami says:

Who the hell dislikes these videos I don’t understand.

Sketchylemons says:

happy for coutinho

Tomas Ashenafi says:

9:41 cavani might be a better goalie than kraus

Irvinx Cabrera says:

Love to see neymar and cavanni together celebrating a goal

Maurox Arboleda says:

British comentary SUCKS!!!!!!

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