Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona (4-3 agg.): Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

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Liverpool pulled off one of the great Champions League comebacks, defeating Barcelona 4-0 for a 4-3 aggregate victory in the last four.

Divock Origi scored the opener early on and Liverpool led at the interval.

Two strikes in two second-half minutes from Gini Wijnaldum stunned Barcelona and levelled the tie.

And a quick corner from Trent Alexander-Arnold caught the visitors napping, allowing Origi to score the all-important fourth.

The Reds return to the final for a second straight season, and will meet the winners of Ajax vs. Tottenham, who face off on Wednesday.


J calle says:

Jurgen klops face shows everything his reaction to the second goal scored was like “oh my god there doing it”

Edgar A. Poe says:

Just like when Bayern destroyed them

Adan Garcia says:

Who else was watching at school and went crazy? I know I did

Jedieel Benjamin Lopez Isidoro says:

Ok so I respect the comeback but I mean that 4th goal was pretty cheeky

Maria Salah says:

Patrisco he also said: it's over : it's sensational : it done

Mack Enix says:

Barcalona players after winning the first game 3-0 "Why is the boss music still playing?"

Dangrg says:

Barcelona are fucking stupid.

Romeo 72 says:

Breaking News: Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona

Tao 타키오 says:

2 months later Barca is still waiting on that corner.


Imagine blowing a 3 goal lead and letting origi score a brace on you. I'm trying to figure out which is more embarrassing for Barcelona.

Mr.Anonymoos says:

And barca fans made fun of real madrid fans, karma really is a bitch

Noah Cinel says:

i also come back to this video and just think "wow that was special"

groovo1 says:

van dijks backheel wouldve been one of the best cl goals ever

Sancti Martinez says:

Defend yourself at all times

Maame K says:

Brilliant from Liverpool and Barcelona chaotic, catastrophic …..

Maame K says:

I can’t stop watching this game

Luis Fonseca says:

First leg should of ended Barça 3 Liverpool 1. Then it would of ended Liverpool 4 Barça 0
5-3 aggregated

Chris Grab says:

Alex Arnold is a stud

Akeem Soumare says:

Job well done, Liverpool. by Arsenal/madrid, fan. top notch.

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