Tottenham vs. Liverpool Champions League Final FULL Match Highlights: 0-2

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Liverpool defeats Tottenham 0-2 to win the 2019 Champions League.

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Andy Garcia says:

Both of those goals were never meant to be

NthgCanGetMeDown! says:

Kane should never have played that game

Sanat Ranganathan says:

We'll be back, come on Surs!

Henry Reinoso says:

Congrats Liverpool for winning the champions league.

Sorry Spurs maybe next time start Lucas Moura.

Herr Wunderbar says:

Fuck you Ramos.

Eric says:

most boring final ever… the entire script was shit from the first 30 seconds

Some One says:

I don’t get it lloris can win the World Cup but he can’t win the premier league and the champions league

Mr Kevin says:

Kane is fucking garbage lmfao

Wadood Safa says:

Where's that Van Dijk tackle v Son? that was one of the best highlights of the game.

roidar. Ali khel says:

mane destroy Barcelona and tothenham

Boris Khanikaev says:

First goal was sooooo unfair

Zeljko Situm says:

Tedious game. Forget about it 5 minutes after.

CooManTunes says:

Modern English national team players are such pansies. They always look like they're about to cry, complain, or take something too seriously. What a gay UCL final. Predictable, shitty club tournaments, man. Predictable, shitty club tournaments.

Mateo Feo says:

Definitely a pen but Mo got lucky on that shot. Whew.

Stephen Truncale says:

I am a Liverpool fan and don't think that should have been a penalty. But it was dumb of him to have his arms up like that!

Big Boss says:

Most boring final in the last 10yrs… mediocre at best

Benyamin B says:

What an uninteresting final for the UCL, so little action… Both goalkeepers didn't have much to do because of a mediocre game play for their midfield players. I'd rather have seen some Spanish team(S) in the final, would have been much more entertaining.

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