Celtic HSV total

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Uefa Euro League , 22.10.2009
Glasgow Rangers


tAm DeBaam says:

St Pauli shit all over you fascist scum

TheJumpstylerr says:

Ja man die besten vereine der Bundesliga. Freue mich 2x im Jahr ganz besonders auf ein Spiel :D Ihr seit immer Herzlich willkommen im Volkspark ! SCHEIß SVW!

henrik larsson says:

you hamburg fans are thick cunts, the rangers fans sing anti-german songs all the time ahahaha, and when we were playing use and use put a display saying no surrender its a bit ironic that the germans surrendered to the british army twice

celticwarrior61 says:

shows ye german cunts how thick ye are,yer shouting for a team that will be shouting anti german songs when they go to support england,no wonder ye always look fucking misserable ye have no iddentity

Don Vince says:

@MyZorek hdf das is die beste stimmung der welt

union1872 says:

cracking fans. surprised the arsehole police didn't come down on you for the smoke!
rangers and Hamburg,brothers in blue!

sc1872 says:

@ DaveLbraybhoy—-when the fuck you scum going to be in the CL. Hahahahahahahaha FFS, spent millions and can't even beat a Rangers team who haven't spent anything for 2 years. You really are pondlife. LOL

sc1872 says:

NESS, GIRUY scumbag. You lot sing about fucking terrorists ffs. You sing another teams song. Losers, again.

Rangers and HSV, No Surrender.

Red_Dog1880 says:

Erm, how about you try and qualify this year.
8 points and counting.

David Leckie says:

Try come 2 Paradise in the Champions league
and you will see a great atmosphere!
Oh thats right uz are shite and cant even qualify hahahhahahhaahhhaha

HasenbergWurst says:

Dignity? Little kids and women shouted "St. Pauli"…
Where was your dignity?

HasenbergWurst says:

Perhaps you should check out our atmaosphere?
Germans have no dignity? Ridiculuos…

Tommy Stirling says:

Well done Hamburg for showing the scum up for what they are. Hamburg and Rangers no1

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