Yerry Mina – Welcome to Everton – Defensive Skills – 2018 HD

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Yerry Mina – Barcelona & Colombia – 2018 HD
The video about Yerry Mina”s defensive skills in 2017/18
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Um palmeirense entre muitos says:

Esse brilhou no palmeiras!

박철순 says:

+HN football believe the buddhism we need Mitsubishi and gugudan hana and hae bin girl group oh my girl. Toyota Toshiba sharp company japan's back to the pocket mon go sony Xperia Samsung lg need Xiaomi aribaba girl group oh my girl. Mina from i.o I

gu hordonho says:

Mina palmeiras monstro

Souren K7 says:

6 foot 4 beast

Mark Davies says:

What a coup and what a transfer window for Everton! This is the type of signing Everton normally miss out on but with Mina and the others I recon top 6 is on the cards.

Michael Bailey says:

Everton then

SMOKEZ says:

Everton's new CB beast.

Paul Morris says:

Everton aren't fucking about if they're signing this guy.

Chris says:

Welcome to Everton

Oba X says:

Thank goodness Arsenal didnt go for him. He's too average.

Elena Nito says:

1:44 what the actual fuck

Humaid Alshamsi says:

The only thing mina is lacking is balance which can be improved

Bejaoui Noura says:

I swear he's weird idk why

Mister Gaming says:

Welcom a Lyon

Coco Salt says:

Welcome to Everton

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