2010 FIFA World Cup: United

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For one month, every four years, we are united.


playercubsphan says:

fuck you

maxball3r28 says:


44Football4ever says:

Football is the No.1 sport

marreroj488 says:

:24…”she said”…Hannah Storm

DiamondCreww says:

honestly i never watch soccer until the world cup and then it’s my favorite sport for that whole time. lol the 2010 world cup was so good

Yankeesjmmix says:

Fooootbaaaallll! Cant wait for the world cup!

Robert Bedford says:

FIFA is like a prostitute……it’ll do anything for the right price

dirtybunny987 says:

I have a feeling the final for World Cup 2014 is gonna be
Brazil vs Spain!
I just hope Mexico make it past the round of 16 this time haha
or at least usa =]

xe31415 says:

Brazil this time:D!

lostalex77 says:

It’s about USA USA USA!!!!!

Headcheezonium says:

They just won the Asian Cup in 2007. They entered the World cup but didn’t qualify.

mrkeybiscayne says:

may be the best commercial ever

StevetheSportsGuy says:

don’t worry…
if i’ve learned anything in my 17 years on this planet, it’s that time flies

Revok1er says:

Best Sport Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

kneptune100 says:

I guess they are fans of teams who didnt qualify

kneptune100 says:

How do you dis like this???????

PiSaNgAmBoN7272 says:

I checked this because I watched the new ESPN commercial for the european championship, but this is still freakin brilliant! There’s shamefully enough not a european commercial that even comes close. Well done ESPN!

Simmert says:

Best football commercial ever.

Goibon udenlove says:

you know it, go go football

jakerolo1 says:

euros man… euros…

CSABaugh says:

They didn’t qualify for the WC idiot.

Rawrzapatoo says:

Why does this give goosebumps? :O lol

Macpurple4 says:

this gave me goosebumps too

4lifefc says:

god i wish it was 2010 again! but 2014 will be even better!

isteffania says:

World cup >Olympics

MarkusXC94 says:

According to FIFA, it about money!

mikimaster9 says:

this gives me chills each time i watch it

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