Brazil Vs France – Fifa World Cup 2006 – Zidane Skill

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Brazil Vs France – Fifa World Cup 2006 – Zidane Skill


chAAleuleu says:

first selection in france team zidane 2goals

ProjectDelta1 says:

Real football retired in ’06.

Zidane was the last of the truly talented players this world has ever known.

MrSpike961 says:

You fucking idiot!!! Messi 1st??? Are you retard or what? 1 zidane 2 pele 3 Ronaldo Nazario 4 Roberto Carlos 5 cristiano ronaldo 1000000000000000 Messi

malumello17 says:

One of the greatest I’ve ever seen in all my short life.

Malu – Brazil

mixsole says:

you suck!

rappersuithetoosten says:

1 messi 2 pele 3 maradona 4 neymar 5 ronaldinho 6 cruijff 7 eto’o 8 kagawa 9 drogba 10 miyaichi

djkaizerLA says:

his kid enzo zidane plays similarly.

easyDebit says:

what a shit music^^

Abzwhat says:

does this look like an earlier version of Tiki-taka that france was playing

wods4 says:

Eu falei dos que eu vi jogar. Que o Pelé foi melhor que todos eles eu não duvido.

lucas78693 says:

Pelé esculasha todos

lucas78693 says:


wods4 says:

Best of last 20 years:

1. Zidane.
2. Romário, Ronaldo Nazário and Messi.
4. Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo.
5. Alex de Souza, Rivaldo, Bergkamp, Roberto Carlos.
6. Figo, Kaká, Iniesta, Xavi.
7. 100 others…

WndyxD says:

un ejemplo de jugador los mas grande
con el enzo

TheAlnaro says:

the word perfect is a product of zidane’s shit

bigpeppe91 says:

zidane discovered by juventus

Gangsta10biel says:

Zidane Kill Brasil

hahaiGotit989 says:

God once said he wants to play soccer,but there was already a god playing…ZIDANE!

TheKgb1989 says:

When you cn make Brazil look like a bunch of amatuers you know you got skill… Zidane amzing player!

Orangen31 says:


lrlimits says:

I remember that game. great video. Nice score.

AshiramaKurame says:

He was really good, but Zidane is the best player =)

truth4946 says:

I think this list is for dribblers…. but brazilian Rolando is definitely in the top 5 strikers.

TarabAseel12 says:

how about the brazilian ronaldo ? out ?

fizzb100 says:

Obviously when i wrote about him ‘doing what he wants’ it was in the context of his individual performance. Otherwise doing what he wants could involve robbing a bank, buggering a donkey, travelling through time, starting a second big bang and finding Russell Howard funny

People always talk about Argentina winning the world cup in 1986 and how it was all down to Maradonna. But they only beat England 2-1

jam9rah says:

yes yes

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