FIFA World Cup 1998 Brazil vs France full match (English)

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France, the host of the 1998 FIFA World Cup, advanced to the final game for the first time in their history as decided underdogs after defeating upstarts Croatia 2-1 in the semi-final round. Their opponent, Brazil, were the defending World Cup champions and were seeking their 5th title after beating Holland 4-2 on penalties in their semi-final. Commentary by the late Brian Moore and Kevin Keegan. DISCLAIMER: I do not own rights to any of the footage. It belongs to ITV. On a housekeeping note, apologies that the video cuts off during the trophy presentation, I will try to fix that as soon as possible. THANKS YOUTUBERS FOR GETTIN ME 100000+ VIEWS ON THIS VIDEO.


clyde1705 says:

i dunno what the point of putting this video up was the quality is so shit… i feel like im in the fucking 1920′s watching fucking t.v

clyde1705 says:

fucking quality is so shit..

DrJohnZoidberg125 says:

Vive la France!

saffi2saffi says:

the best world cup I have ever seen

TimeChaser123 says:

So true!

TimeChaser123 says:

But France went to the Finals again in 2006! So this French team was good whether this game was bought or not! Zidane’s France was always top class or top notch m8! They played very good football.. :) Take it easy bro!

TimeChaser123 says:

He should have been and brazil would have surely won for sure!

IoEliitee says:


georemo1 says:

The referee of this match died, his name is Said Belkoula .

LutherBlissett94 says:

Hmm, judging by youtube videos, one could think that every video recorded before 2000 was made using pinhole cameras. Other than that, thanks for uploading :)

ihsan suparman says:

When France be a champion again?? Go France, I always supporting France!!

asakusa haruna says:

คิดถึง แมช นี้ มาก

LMCMInterloper says:

I’m less sure than you about that. Last time that Brazil hosted a WC (1950), they were majorly upset by a good but not great Uruguay team. I’m afraid Messi & Argentina may be the spoilers in 2014.

trivedi889 says:

no brazilian players yet born as good as zidane…
except ronaldo(brazil)

jerbaciodelperu says:

en verdad que no se como campeono francia que equipo tan mediocre, y ese zidan mas malo hasta pirlo es mejor comparento ahora con iniesta o messi que diferencia

zarpag666 says:

Francia ultimo lugar en Korea 2002, y en Sudafrica 2010 Equipo mediocre
Ultimo Lugar en Euro 2008

zarpag666 says:

Mexique 2 France 0
Holanda 4 France 1
Italia 2 France 1
Sudafrica 2 France 1
Senegal 1 France 0
Denmark 2 France 0

nshimbrice says:

vive zidane mais fuck la france

DalamartheWizard says:

@Wandzzzzz well said

Giovanni Campanelli says:

if you haven’t found it yet i can help


Great stuff firebird, brings back great memories from a great time in my life :)

12345t15 says:

please please upload spain vs netherlands 2010 fifa world cup final. in english i cant find it anywhere but i think you can uppload it. try to upload as quickly as you can. moreover i liked this video.excellent job

HenriqueN91 says:

I remember at the time, a lot of people speculated about this final. They say this game was bought! I was living in Brazil at the time, and it was on every news channel for weeks after the match. They were showing some documentaries about a few dodgy and suspicious deals FIFA were making with Ricardo Teixeira (the President of the Brazilian football association). BBC also made documentaries on this subject. I believe it all! Just look at the way Brazil played in this game, AWFUL, not like them!

Wandzzzzz says:

Thank you so much for uploading this! I miss these days! Football has changed so much, and it’s actually so heartbreaking for all us true football fans out there. I miss Zizou and Ronaldo so much. I’ll never stop watching football, but I just want to relive these moments.

romahnae says:

i understand that this was 98′ but why does that commentator sounds like he’s from the 18th century? lol

afferdose says:

engraçado como o Brasil parece deixar a França jogar

dingoleh says:

Romario would have been in the squad but he got injured right before the world cup. That’s why he’s in that famous nike commercial where the brazilian team is doing tricks in the airport.

kickyourasspls says:

quality, quality.

Firebirdfrenzy79 says:

lost that during the conversion of the tape unfortunately. Vavact has the whole thing uploaded on his channel, the trophy presentations starts about the 6 minute mark.

Arthur9455 says:

ronaldinho shines in 2002 cup

RegionWT says:

where’s ronaldinho?? :(

9and7 says:

The greatest voice in sport history. Thank you.

BradlehAaron says:

Great upload. Trophy presentation?

stelliko says:

Thnks for uploading. That was a great match and a great victory… Btw france defeated btazil one more time on the next cup.. Though none of them won it …I love french team and am their all time fan , regardless what is said about them… bad and good…

FernandoRevetri says:

Ronaldo: Nike didn’t force me to play, google that

mariopolosoccer says:

i love watching brazil lose there so overrated USA for life

thirdlawson1979 says:

I remember this like yesterday

Firebirdfrenzy79 says:

No, that was in the Tournoi from ’97 I think…

Name says:

Love this

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