Michael Laudrup ★ Four-Dimensional Football

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NEW – Visit 4Dfoot.com for more classic football video’s! This video is possibly the best Michael Laudrup compilation in existence. See and admire his extreme class in all dimensions Dribbles, Passes, Skills and Goals. thanks to www.youtube.com for hours of footage. Sebastiaan van de Water.


TheNojery says:

Very Better than messie Ronaldoni !!!

grantdavidwest says:

Lets not over do it now

YOGIBEAR412 says:

Does anyone know what the music is called on the second part of this vid?? (The piano part)

lilwayneweezyy says:

50′s - Di Stefano
60′s – Pelé
70′s – Cruijff
80′s – Maradona
90′s – LAUDRUP!
00′s – Zidane
10′s – ????

StoltOBFan says:

proud to be from Denmark .. Laudrup you are the best! from Denmark! <3

tjitjefortjefertjele says:

well he is the most underrated player in history, its a discrace he havent won world best player at least 2 times.

joshdawolf1 says:

Cant believe i didnt know who this guy was before he started managing swansea. He’s a machine

ITubeTooInc says:

Iniesta:”Who is the best player in history? Laudrup.”

johannesJify says:

That’s a bit like claiming to be a rock-fan and not having heard of The Who until the closing of the olympics. But rather late than never – Michael Laudrup was a genius and so was his brother! Enjoy!

tastytastfood says:

How have I never heard of this guy till he joined Swansea?

nb1616nb says:

Laudrup is like Iniesta, only faster, stronger and a lot better looking.

nb1616nb says:

I saw so many games with Barcas dream team in the 90´ and Laudrup was with no doubt the most important player. Everytime they had the ball, they gave it to him, and magic happened. Never before or after have I seen such a elegant player. He made football into art. He is my favorit of all time, and it is a scandal, that he never won the Ballon d´or. Soichkov was good, but not in Laudrups league.

aaa6072 says:

totally agree
the irony of this is that Stoichkov won player of the year in 1994, and then Romario won it in 95. Both of them were strikers and guess who created their goals … Laudrup

LukeBerto says:

international cup goal?

naype666 says:

alguien sabe ual es el nombre de la primera cancion aca tipo opera? si alguien sabe porfavor digame…

johnjimjam says:

@wendel88, i totally agree he was the best of all time, and better than anyone now, he has everything in his locker, great touch and passing, great vision, excellent dribbling with the ball, can use both feet and my god he can consistently smash shots into the corners lol, amazing. 6:04 and 6:14 what good bits of play

acmilanscudetto18 says:


wendel88 says:

in my book the best football player of all time…taking in the competition level of his era,where he played, no one is even close. The best overall skill set and talent..i actually laughed many times doing this video..just because his abilities were THAT good. Cant believe we, here in Denmark, doing the 90ties, had the best goalie of all time (Peter Schmeichel) and the best Mid-fielder of all time. insane

daniel6235 says:

Do you guys come to these videos only to compare players or to enjoy them? You’re pathetic

rdongart says:

4:06 some crazy shit!!



Vijay Shankar says:

WTF was that at 3:21?. This guy is a freak. I bet he never had something called as going out of form in his entire career. How could he?. The ball is left with no choice but to oblige this man.

mrlarskrimi says:

I’ll support swansea from Denmark, cheers. and milan ofc. :D My reaction to 3:21 – Holy cowly cluster membrane of the 11th dimension o_o

Michael Chrystian says:

Simplesmente genial, fenomenal, fantástico etc…

1986Denmark says:

Jeg elsker Michael Laudrup!!!:-)

DylanMux123 says:

thats our new manager!

Rall707 says:

Mostly agger..

hrishirc says:

5 unlucky guys just had laudrup dribble past them!

hrishirc says:


1st part — classical opera?
2nd part — safri duo ‘s played-a-live
3rd part — classical piano
4th part — same as the second part
5th part — some synth music
6th part — second classical portion

just the 5th part sucked… the rest were simply awesome… the transition between the 2nd and 3rd part along with the 3rd part… seemed brilliant, as if floating on air

themightyrovers says:

A superb video of one of the true greats. Incredible natural talent, right up there with the best players of all time.

leafflyz12 says:


0JackChan0 says:

will never forget Laudrup time in Brondby. He made Daniel Agger and Johan Elmander. They became worldclass when they played under Michael.

ZunnyFilmHD says:

Probably the player with the best vision in the history of the game, so underrated.

CeoNiTe says:

like this up if your a swansea supporter and you think laudrup was one of the greatest ever!

Swansealona says:

Top 5 players of all time: Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Laudrup, Messi

pedemm says:

You can definitely tell what his signature move was; passing the bal from right foot to left foot, and then pass the man. He is a legend, one of a kind. Denmark <3

producethegoods21 says:

This guy was definitely a beautiful footballer.

buhonoct says:

Un lindo homenaje a un caballero dentro y fuera del campo,un figura!!! muy buen trabajo el video,Felicitaciones.

rajiv005 says:

I’ve just sent him a Facebook message imploring him to become LFC’s new manager.

bluth78 says:

Liverpool’s new boss? i wish

RasmusJarlov says:

Come on. He was not the perfect player. He was never good at throw-ins ;-)

iliabashel says:

attention on this quote.. quote by world’s on of the best player ever_ROMARIO.. he is saying that !

carragher93 says:

You can’t compare Ronaldo to Laudrup because they have two different styles. Ronaldo is a individual player, whereas Laudrup is a team player. I will always prefer the latter because, especially in Laudrups case. Phenomenal

oDaryllo says:

The complete player?

JonesCharlesbond says:

nope, javier pastore playes like laudrup

alaneazy says:

wrong he plays like laudrup ;)

Rasmus Rønnike says:

The truly crazy thing about this vid, is that it could easily be four times the duration – there would be plenty of material to chose from. Laudrup played like this for 10 years straight, and yet he never won the world player of the year title. That’s actually a disgrace.

newtassi says:

otro genio del futbol ,,, muchos no lo valoraron como tal , como dijo guardiola el mejor jugador del mundo nunca gano el mejor jugador del mundo , romario dijo que fue el mejor jugador con quien el jugo , y otros muchos grandes dijeron cosas increibles de este talentoso jugador

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