Michael Laudrup Brilliance

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Michael Laudrup compilation.


Clessyboy says:

One does not simply
foul on Laudrup with purpose .

noasbo says:


featherinthewind333 says:

top 10 player of all time, best european player of the 80s

thvl0608 says:


SingWhenYouWin says:

Superb player. One of the greatest ever!

artisan9725 says:


dexjec says:

This also shows how much the game has changed in short period of time, you wont see midfielders committing themselves to tackles like that anymore.

KochoC says:

A modern day Michael Laudrup wouldn’t be playing for Osaka and Dortmund for 7 years of his career.

MatiGAMEplay says:

Han er fantastisk

alwaysfirst1903 says:

Passes Xavi movements İniesta :) I’d like to play in the current Barcelona

microcubo22 says:

The magic of this kind of players its very hard to see these days, Maradona, Platini, Laudrup, Bergkamp, Riquelme thanks a lot for your art and the fifferent view of this lovely game, Football!

mrcharliebrown5 says:

Sin comentarios…/No comments about that….

Nick Marshall says:

He was nearly as good as Jesper Olsen ;)

chrisrog1988 says:

Carlsberg don’t do managers, but if they did…..

windsrave2 says:

How does the ball bend on the firld

yardalhirji says:

7:10 :D

deidmoose says:

3:41 – absolutely sells the boy. class

102293 says:

this is the legend
who taught the great Xavier and iniesta

MrNikki1995 says:

I came upon this guy by accident while I was watching other soccer videos (older ones in particular). By my own assessment he is definently one of the top 3 players ever. Also by all of those quotes below it just shows it. This man set the bar for players like Xavi/Iniesta in which set the mold they emulated.

Marcus3252 says:

what a pass at 6:19

Van23ooprachtig says:

“The best I have ever played with.” – Raul
“The best player in the world, I can’t believe he hasn’t won the title as best player.” – Pep Guardiola
“I think maybe he was the best player I ever played against.” – Luis Figo
“He was phenomenal in Barcelona. He was a fantastic player whom I would love to have on my team today.” – Jose Mourinho
“Who is the best player in history? Michael Laudrup.” – Andres Iniesta

phamminhronnie says:

you can see Iniesta’s skill like Micheal Laurup but i think Micheal Laurup’s skill is better

CanalFefeith says:

friend, laudrup is very inteligent, in football, people just want to know the dribble. I prefer players who know how to act wisely like Xavi, Zidane and Michael Laudrup for example. My father is 51 years old and don’t know who is Laudrup, but he knows Romario(played with Laudrup and said that Laudrup is the best he player with), knows Ronaldinho, Messi, Maradona and even Neymar, but unfortunately nobody cares for smart players like Laudrup, who deserve more honor. Hugs.

Roonho7 says:

I’ve heard of him and of his excellence but sadly was born too late to watch him play. FUCK FATE!!!!

djcandle says:

He’s Spain’s current top 3 footballers all rolled into one. Silva, Iniesta, Xavi = Laudrup. Incredible talent.

freddyboy says:

soccer is a crap game

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