Michael Laudrup…Speed & Control

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Find the video with the (almost) original soundtrack called ‘re-up’ in my videos folder.


MegaGoodoldtimes says:

Saying that Xavi is the greatest midfielder ever is the same as you would say that Rooney is the greatest striker ever. Sure Xavi is good, but he’s more on Pirlo’s level, Michael Laudrup tops them both

taon2004 says:

This guy eats CR7 for breakfeast. And all the rest for that matter.

TheJorge676 says:

This guy I think gave half of his skills to xavi & half of his other skills to iniesta C:

TheJorge676 says:

So this is iniestas and xavi inspiration!! Hes such an artist in soccer!!

kenruls2 says:

I thought zidane was the only best playmaker in the world until I saw this video. Michael laudrup in my opinion is the most complete player. He can score, dribble, and pass. Simply beautiful football to watch !!!. : )

Abigor115 says:

Best player in the world???…..ask Iniesta…ask Xavi….they will tell you.

Bonelocen says:

The differents is, there hours and hours with Michael Laudrup. He played like this in every single game he played. What Xavi creates in a season Laudrup creates in one single game!

liam1982hush says:


stenergut says:

In regards of creativity and vision on the pitch. Noone matches Michael Laudrup. Almost as if he could see the pitch from above in slow motion. A couble of elegant dribbles, a devastating pass through the defence and GOAL. Sure, there are move technical accomplished players who’ve scored more goals. But as a playmaker, a creator on the field, noone matches his skills. El genio.

Steiniboy100 says:

try hear — Wiz Khalifa – work hard play hard – when you see this :D :P


The Dream Team was Michael Laudrup. Without him nothing would have been possible. Do you imagine Laudrup in today’s Barca? My god!.
No one will be even close to his vision and his passes. Magic

pistolero753 says:

Mierda este tio es un crack de oro tmb porque no mencionaran alos jugadores antiguos del barcelona solo mencionan alos actuales.

LaudruplLaudrup says:

Come on, Messi is brilliant. He does things that only few playes in history have done. And yes, his success has alot to do with Barca being so good the last five years or so. They set him up perfectly to score his many goals.
Laudrup was a very different player. Messi goes for goal, Laudrup went for the pass. Messi is efficient, Laudrup was an artist.
I enjoy Laudrup the most because he played the game like nobody else, did things out of this world. But Messi is great, no doubt.

DeathMetal8989 says:

Who would dislike it? 5 cunts

Hydro2oo9 says:

What so Messi can’t be good now because of players like laudrup? Shut up you tit. I seen both and both are ridiculously talented players.

aaa6072 says:

messi and stoichkov would be a comparison , not Mr. Laudrup and Messi

MegaGoodoldtimes says:

This guy… He’s amazing

maomaorz says:

Yeah their style are so alike o.O

Gabriella292u says:

Messi is a better finisher than Laudrup, Luadrup might have been the best player ever when it came to deliver the ball to his teammates.

AmericanKopite21 says:

Silva and Iniesta are big fans of Laudrup.. Good luck coaching Swansea Laudrup! Hope he does well :).

saki1069 says:

Holy crap! his sick ( and from Denmark!) ;-)

KFrauz says:

7.35-7.45 …. Catch me if you can!

KFrauz says:

5.17 !!!

CgGoil says:

He did! He’s a big fan of Laudrup!

charlesmanimala says:

Seems like Iniesta learned from him

blank5317 says:

What a player. Shame that after all that work – all that wizardry – the guys he passed to quite often failed to score. I’d’ve been screaming the whole time.

hallokrakkar says:

oh also i checked your youtube channel and all you do is go to football videos and make rude comments wich most of them dont even make sence. i just think you are a sad man that has to bring other down on the web to make you sad excictance mean something. get laid

hallokrakkar says:

i’m actually 22, its a fact and no kid on youtube is gonna make me change my mind.

M10663 says:

xavi is not the ebst ever,youre 14 and have no idea what youre talking bout

Vanoccupanther says:

Welcome to Swansea Michael! Nice soundtrack BTW – reminds me of Mogwai/Explosions in the sky

Beatdown2k8 says:

Gerson was better than Xavi.

Laudrup is god.

rudian9900 says:

5:17 best pass in history

hallokrakkar says:

you can’t judge a best midfield man of all time by wathing a 11 minute Highlight video !
Besides, Xavi if the best midfielder of all time.

mortensdk says:

Some say Messi is good. That can only be because they´ve never seen Michael Laudrup.

NewVahan2011 says:

5:13 Laudrup’s thrust forward, assist, Zamorano’s goal and recognition… AWE-SOME!

Licitari says:

Yes I hear you…. that guy is just irritating…. His belief in his own abilities is greater than his actual abilities…. Think too they should find someone else.

Majkic666 says:

Bendtner is a fail and should not be the striker of the national team

Licitari says:

You think we’ve still got it …. really…. have you been watching the “girls” play ? – Do you think Bentner or Eriksen…. or who did you have in mind?

davidcuervo10 says:

Master and gentleman

yplay2 says:

Wish Ronaldo and Laudrup play together. Ronaldo would have score 70 goal that season 1996.

FR4GCinema says:

Proud to be danish

Olm9 says:

He sure had some passing skills.

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