Michael Laudrup… The Ultimate Passing Compilation

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The best of Michael Laudrup’s passing.


Patinho says:

I would have liked to see Brazilian Ronaldo play with Laudrup.
That would have been awesome, as Brazilian Ronaldo was also a very intelligent footballer.
They would be doing 1-2 backheals to the goal ;)

yabe84 says:


Khaled4life says:

The best player to never win the FIFA player of the year award or the Ballon d´or. So underrated.

Bonelocen says:

You’re wrong, it’s Zidane=Laudrup!

naughttube says:

The thing about Laudrup that defines him, at least in my opinion, as one of the most valuable players of all time, is his selfishness. That combined with his god sent gift for football, is what makes him so great.

If Laudrup is in possession and clear in front of goal, and he has about 75% chance of netting it, he won’t hesitate to pass the ball to a teammate, if he thinks that teammate will have a greater chance of scoring than himself.

This is what makes him so great. (Along with his talent)

yabe84 says:


llaauuddrruupp says:

I sure could :-) It’s DoKashiteru - The Annual New England Xylophone Symposium.

stenergut says:

Hey llauuddrruuppp, you beautiful bastard. Could you tell me the name of the song played at 10:10? :)

JAYDUB1279 says:

Good thoughts. What amazing players they were! I have Cruyff at the top. He had vision and passing like Laudrup & scored more than Maradona, in total and per game. Plus, for moving the game ahead as a player, Cruyff has no equals or near equals.I see Laudrup as a smoother, more talented Cruyff, but with much less to prove. He doesn’t need to be anyone’s best, he’s never played ‘best player’ politics. I could take either Cruyff or Laudrup, but I think those two improved their teams the most ever.

nayou317 says:

Laudrup’s vision and passes are the best I’ve seen…but in terms of best players, well Pele and Mardonna were just more complete. They also had amazing vision ( maybe not as good as Laudrup but still top class) , not to mention extremely killer instincts and top notch dribbling abilities. That’s why they are the best

stig5057 says:

He play for the team.

Pinkybum says:

Laudrup is one of the best passers and the vision he has is amazing but they built that Barcelona team around him – the running off the ball is sublime.

stenergut says:

In regards of creativity and vision on the pitch. Noone matches Michael Laudrup. Almost as if he could see the pitch from above in slow motion. A couble of elegant dribbles, a devastating pass through the defence and GOAL. Sure, there are more technical accomplished players who’ve scored more goals. But as a playmaker, a creator on the field, noone matches his skills. El genio.

TheMoRoStaR says:

This video is sweet. :) Michael Laudrup the best danish footballer ever, thx uploader for this genious video. Love you for this <3

Bonelocen says:

Without a doubt :)

Ítalo Rosa says:

ahahah Certaily wouldn’t, laudrup is the best playmaker I’ve ever seen :)

Bonelocen says:

Laudrup gave him that goal. He could easily have scored himself :)

Bonelocen says:

Without Laudrup, it wouldn’t have been that many ;)

Kowalski101 says:

no. but they both piss and shit on you.

TheGunsofblackroses says:

true :)

Ítalo Rosa says:

Well I agree with you that Ronaldo was a genius, but Romario scored more than a thousand goals, he was just out of this world. That’s why I think romario was better, but it all comes down to personal opinion =)

Minestryger11 says:

So skillfull and intelligent! Too bad that the strikers missed so many of his glorious created chances.

TheGunsofblackroses says:

r9 was a genius in his prime probably the best striker of all time

Ítalo Rosa says:

No what? Do you thing Ronaldo was a better player than Romario?

draysel1 says:

my right ear got a shock at 7:05 ..

TheGunsofblackroses says:

42:26 is insane

TheGunsofblackroses says:

i can’t believe how many of these perfect passes were squandered by the strikers

TheGunsofblackroses says:


D800Lover says:

He and I were born in the same hospital.
Still the only footballer I know that elevated football to a true art-form.
I don’t think we shall see the like again.

llaauuddrruupp says:

You’re very welcome, thank you for the comment :-)

vavashroom says:

What a beautiful moment it must have been for him when he realised his brain and body worked in perfect harmony. 1:23:50 of footballing euphoria! I can sincerely offer my gratitude to llaauuddrruupp and my guarantee that this video has become one of my favourites!

reamyglad says:

Sin sidste tid i Juventus mener jeg

Gunners6522 says:

NO!!! someone disliked it, how can you be so heartless :’(

Meelsen says:

Awesome work on the video!

StonewallDK says:

hvornår har Laudrup spillet med Rush? 

hrishirc says:

how can anyone dislike this?

laudrup45 says:

maradonna era un jugador increible, zinedine zidane ni se diga.. era muy elegante………… pero laudrup… sinceramente pienso que laudrup ponia mejores pases que zidane, o como ven ustedes?


The Dream Team was Michael Laudrup. Without him nothing would have been possible. Do you imagine Laudrup in today’s Barca? My god!.
No one will be even close to his vision and his passes. Magic

LegendofLaudrup says:

It’s unfortunate he is not mention up there as one of the best to play football. He deserves ever bit of attention. He is the best playmaker of all time,

JAYDUB1279 says:

Has anyone really ever seen anyone else play this well? I mean, I know we’re all supposed to say Pele and Diego are the best, but…

bob says:

whats football sausage?

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