Ronaldinho ” Football’s Greatest ” ( Documentary Sky Sport ) .. [ Part 1/2 ]

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Ronaldinho ” Football’s Greatest ” ( Documentary Sky Sport ) .. Part 1 Arsenal vs Chelsea Liverpool vs West Ham Valencia CF vs Real Madrid CF South park FC Barcelona vs Villarreal CF 09/05/2009 28/06/2009 Final Conferedations cup copa chy grynskiy lil wayne kanye west rap hip hop confederaciones 2009 USA 2-3 BRAZIL Goals and Highlights UEFA Champions League Messi(2) Park Van Persie Real Madrid 2-6 FC Barcelona 02/05/2009 – 2th May sneijdar – The Classic – Goals and Highlights Leo Messi [NEW2010] – The Proof – Who said i’m not the best? Kuyt Alonso Geovanni 2-2 henry messi eto’o resumen completo Highlights in high quality sevilla 2-4 real madrid raul hat-trick marclo capel renato liga española Real Madrid – FC Barcelona santiago bernabeu 0-0 0-1 0-2 0-3 0-4 0-5 0-6 0-7 0-8 0-9 -10 Messi(Barcelona)Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus),Iker Casillas(Real Madrid),Petr Cech(Chelsea),Edwin van der Sar(Manchester United),Fabio Cannavaro (Real Madrid), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea), Thierry Henry (Barcelona), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barcelona), Wayne Rooney (Machester United), Carlos Tevez (Manchester City), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), David Villa (Valencia). The players featured in this video play for countries: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Togo, Wales.Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City


louderanimationTV says:

Greatest player ever. Dunga, u mad bro ?

Jasonmyways says:

He didn’t leave Barca because HE wanted a change. The club didn’t want him anymore!

tony says:

Great player !

minkataaa says:

04:47 Ronaldihno looks so much like edbassmaster’s big son

dzilla1991 says:

Those players are only living of the name their great nation once held in the futbol world. They should not even be considered Brazilian players as they are no were near that talent level.

PS3ModerLV says:

I want ronaldinho back to Barcelona

likerkid says:

Ronaldo Rivaldo Ronaldinho was a privilege watching them at their best in 2002.

CJS10R says:

altho Ronaldinho has is faults he is still my favourite player

ezevato98 says:

I think ronaldinho belongs in at least every bodies top 10 but they never include him just cuz he wasn’t Consistent and only had 2 good seasons. I also think he had the potential top be the greatest ever by far if he had played the same in every season like he did in 05 06

Lyricistmc says:

Too bad modern Brazilians are diving-crying, dirty-cheaters. (Hulk, Neymar, etc)

pimson3ic says:

i FULLY AGREE, on a serious note. he must still hold a grudge.

ronaldinho126789 says:

cannt w8 untill messi loses it aswell at 28 so he cann see how it feels

ranajavaidiqbal says:

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sahel51603 says:

fail. get ur facs straight. real madrid wanted him. but cas ronaldinho’s favorite players(from his childhood) played in barcá. so he rejected real.

TarielyTomaevy says:

Great player,great person :)

Takablike says:

his brother is so much more good looking

NorthWeezy2010 says:

they thought england were better than brazil? lol we all thought Brazil would destroy us…brazilians are modest people man

forzabikes says:

That is actually the real reason!!

megatdinho says:

ah, that was the reason..hahaha

TheSparkash says:

Fantastic Football Player

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TheBboygufran says:

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ThatEnglishKid1966 says:

you’re calling ozil a pretty boy? hahahahahah he looks like a toad

fantaaastic0 says:

messi who

fantaaastic0 says:

pele who

Ainzho says:

no, no, no, and no, Zidane is the best player ever

MrRigosolo213 says:

No wonder Dunga didn’t take him to South Africa 2010 lol

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