Ronaldinho Goal Top 10

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Songname: Calabria – download here: A Ronaldinho Gaucho compilation about the most beautiful goals of the Barcelona star. Braziliant!!


kenanmetin81 says:


kenanmetin81 says:

Helal olsun

cr76074 says:

sorry i’m in the year 4011 Hi how are you?

TONI JON says:

the player with the highest technique….

CoopHuN says:

Back to Barcelona!

LuKeAFC100 says:

Ronaldinho was amazing i will admit but when u look at messi and what hes done so far its hard for anyone to compare to him, and i prefer madrid lol

3awad797 says:

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kylebriffa7 says:

11,111,110 views because 303 views is too mainstream

vista gelantar says:

i am the 11,111,111

aminparazit2000 says:

thumbs up if you’re the 11,111,110th viewer

aminparazit2000 says:

11.111.110 view wow amazing :)

MrBadboyzable says:


sparklab12aa says:

and i think i will watch in 2013!

Bolsud0 says:

Ronaldinho is the best in the history man

LuKeAFC100 says:

i dont like to admit it either but MESSI is the best in history, no doubt

8ahaar says:

Ronaldo (the real one)

Chromegrillz says:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi cannot match Rodaldinho prime time no doubt.

Alonzo Cisse says:

watching this makes me feel bad that im not playing right now :(

mohammadtraiki says:

King of kings

Lemberg911 says:

ronaldo,ronaldinho,sheva,nedved,beckham,zidan miss ^^(

MrBadboyzable says:


Primoflip100 says:

The best football player ever

Giangabriel Linarez says:

Unbelievable but #4 i think was better than 2 and 3…it should have been #2 GREAT VIDEO

IniestaRonaldinho says:


Tarek tbag says:

I wish Ronaldinho was still in his prime

asianthunder93 says:

ronaldinho is the only player who makes goals with style

Lewis Wellings says:


Lewis Wellings says:


The300mans says:

Barcelona and ronaldinho were a nightmare for the other teams!

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