Soccer Aid 2012 – Goal Highlights

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Every goal from Soccer Aid 2012. England vs Rest Of The World. England win 3-1


JasonWxm says:

2:15 thank me later

Traconni says:

This is a test of the comment system

camram200 says:

You gotta be way tougher to play hockey. and soccer players dive and pretend there hurt like babies

Anna Miller says:

I’m not getting involved but people who said no one over 12 would be watching this then I’d like to say I went to soceraid Manchester stadium to watch it with my BFF and my big bro who is 15 so and her bro 13 so….

IMightBeChicken says:

So much hate on soccer/football on a charity game video.

rabih009 says:

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yabudday121 says:

well your a fucking pussy

yabudday121 says:

soccers fucking gay….. if your a pussy you play soccer , if your not you play hockey

AthenaDomino says:

hockey is shit hahaha.. and boring as hell lol

poolmaster18 says:

coming from a kid who likes hockey…

crazynathan552 says:

Calling your penis Sergio cos it can lob Seaman.

RFsuperfighter says:

look at the guy near the goal thats in white

leej70 says:

That’s because it is mate!
(and this is coming from an Englishman)

metallicaforeva1 says:

this sport is considered for girls in australia lol

vaust5 says:

you’re clearly a fag lol

hawker39 says:

British girls are stereotyped as being gross in Australia… WTF, so many cute ones in the crowd

Joricky12 says:

Says the person with ‘hockey’ in his username.

Gennylovesjls says:

What number did Aston have? Thumbs up if you came here for him!

oriaphyn says:

Ramsay belongs in the kitchen!


Sheringham is a cunt.

FusionPepsiGaming says:

Lebron travelled! Oh sorry wrong video…

MetroxRusher says:


lukey281 says:

You should be shot, Chopped up and put in a ditch.

thehockeykid7979 says:

Gayest sport on earth.

j3parrots says:

Its mostly kids and charity workers and the whole thing is for charity you plum, nobody over 12 wouldve even watched it on tv.

DrSalvatore31 says:

I am not a Yank you foot fairy sfacim.

Freakish345 says:

Stop crawling all over football videos you yank bastard!

DrSalvatore31 says:

LOL. What a bunch of hooey. Soccer sucks.

DrSalvatore31 says:

Soccer sucks!

vitnazareth says:

Wyoming Gatorade POY — MUST WATCH!

blazing hothole says:

Typical England. Cheering like madmen over something as pathetic and meaningless as this. Makes sense though, given that they haven’t even come close to achieving anything of importance since that comically rigged world cup in 1966. Celebrate all you want, you’re still hopeless. And Teddy Sheringham is a massive cunt for that sucker hit on Gordon Ramsay, a 45 year old chef with an injured knee. Then he had the gall to hit him in the face while he was down. Fuck the worthless English.

blazing hothole says:


vitnazareth says:


MrNizoel says:

loco abreu ? rs

TheMysteriousSatan says:

Soccer is the most popular and hardest sport ever existed in this world. You must have NERVES MADE OF IRON and SOME SORT OF TALENT to play otherwise you would be shouted, humiliated, bullied hard and mentally harassed both from your coach, own teamates, opponents and the list goes on. If you join a association football academy you will see that it’s hard work and deduciation. If the coach sees that you are a weak player from the first time you are doomed. You must be also a fucking bully.

MrLietuvis001 says:


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