The FIFA World Cup – a guide to the growth of the beautiful game

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A guide to the growth of the beautiful game’s global festival, and to the economics of footballing prowess


hadown11 says:

How do you create the effects of the video like that?
Show me the applications please, It’s emergency!!

Ak93T says:

England more likely to win than holland, but holland made it further

uruguay152 says:


SuperTigerNo1 says:


scoobyrds says:


nrekk says:

nice prediction JPM, Spain vs the Netherlands was the final gime

formerutuber says:

now see if you can find Qatar on the map.

SouthAfricanJuanita says:

very interesting!

gabe4mdema says:

So USA n England tied 1 vs 1 so do they play each other again?? An what are this class a class b,c stuff?

EnglandMUCH says:


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