Zinedine Zidane – The Maestro Of The Decade HD

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The Best Of Zinedine Zidane Enjoy!


MrDevildemon666 says:


NoButt says:

No, but close!

Kor88Di says:

He’s from Algeria. 

vivaladrogaks says:

two types of player in the world:

zidane and the rest

mafano says:

one of the best numer 10 of all time thats for shure

nikola24bar says:

Zidane respect, from Serbia.



MouldyCheesePie says:

Messi can do everything so I’d say he is better overall, however Zidane is a better striker.

87champ87 says:

Whats the name of the second song in the video? Zizou 4 life!!!

khesghi123 says:

Can anyone name the songs used in this video?

pEstylez says:

true true

CallMeDoctorAmer says:

This video made me cry tears of joy, and tears of sadness now that he’s retired.

kmmessantchi says:

wish the fountain of youth was real

Huy Tran says:

anyone cry watching this?

Synchroist says:

i like how he seemed to own literally everyone on the pitch

buduwax says:

Zidane will walk into the Brazilian team and Kaka will be benched,Ronaldinho will be benched.
He will walk into the Spanish team and Xavi will be benched, Iniesta will be bench.
He will walk into any team and even their legends will pave way for him.You will then realise he is most extra ordinary.

viictorh31 says:


SaAbchikable says:

Real Frenchman! I hope not the last one …

fuckronaldo0 says:

Thank you zizou for making football an amazing game too watch

Kevincssacc says:

Damals… wo Frankreich noch zugebrauchen war :o

KanistRLopata says:


mort4mort says:

HAHAHAHAHAHA U are not normal

SuperGunnerz1 says:

Iniesta and Xavi combined, is still no match for Zizu!

65827842 says:

U’re my idol! Thank u for footballing zidane..

vavashroom says:

I have a real soft spot for Zidane. He was the player who truly made me fall in love with football back in the late 90′s. Him and Ronaldo (brazilian) were the two greatest players of my childhood.

lmlJK says:

LOL kid.. go watch spongebob

8888luan says:

yeah ibrahimovic is a big piece of shit…and u too;)
have a good day

BeagSim10 says:

man, I almost cried at the end lol but i fought back the tears :(

Kobr4Strik3 says:

in 3 seasons:
Xavi + Iniesta=92 assists
Ozil alone = 97 assists
Yep football now has OZIL

lmlJK says:

Football has now Xavi and Iniesta.
Do not worry about football.

giacobbo9 says:

lol good one

invictovk says:

que elegancia…
q pena qedan pocos jugadores cn esta clase q tiene este maestro del futbol

SHADOWFOX8216 says:

there is no equall to zidane and there will never be one.rigid,stable,and still could dance on the field whenever he wanted! Thumbs up.

soldoutyoursoul says:

you show really the best playes..u know about football..thx for the vid

Significanto says:

Impressive, look how he shorten his step at 00:50. This shows that with his size he can still move and dribble like smaller players, Messi for example.

Technically world-class.

frankenstein0803 says:

It’s a great video, but what is the first name of the song? Please tell if you know it:-)

akiou09 says:

Un des meilleurs jamais connu

littleismail says:

People insist on comparing Forwards and Midfielders knowing full well they have different responsibilities on the pitch.

robi1411 says:

Dude are you brain damaged ?

kvellol says:

We got Maradona, messi, ronaldo, the original ronaldo. how dare you compare them with ibrahimovic? he’s got a talent yes, but he’s nowhere near as good as the legends. he is also a dirty, violent player whom somtimes can be a disgrace to football. That is my opinion.

prontopizza says:

You compare a forward with a midfielder … Ok ok …

yoocef92 says:

I know and everybody know that ibrahimovic is a fantastic player But we all know that Zidane is better than evreybody . but it’s your opinion, you are right to think that ibrahimovic is better

ivpappos says:

great video friend. which is the first song?

Zhaba80 says:


Vildanisch says:

I dont see how Zidane was the best.. He was good, but really not the best..

Ibrahimovic is the best player ever

maduav says:

To be realistic, the numbers of goals and matches played, Messi & Ronaldo have are astronomic numbers, which is equal to a different level of players. And when youll watch them 10 years after you will say the same things about Zizou now. We need to be realistic ..and take all things into consideration. Btw, for me, best players of All Time is without any doubt El Phenomeno-Ronaldo! Neither Messi or Cristiano nor Zizou were equal to him. Zizou was clever and had fanstatic sence of touch!!! Great!

margriel says:

He IS,WAS,and WILL BE the best of all Times…I mean who is Messi,Who is Gaynaldo compared with this Genius

tavy99bz says:

Fuck that dumb Mess.Zidane was the best..I know some of you will insult me…But i respect real legends!!!!!!

TheLouis94 says:

You deserve a fucking medal for that comment

LaserAeroxRacingTeam says:

Zidane’s playing is more than sport, it’s art in my opinion.

Kamil Zhr says:

Zidane forever ! The best player,

Djamel says:

Widane is football personified no one but no one can even get closer to his visionm control of the ball and genuise for creating space in tight situation, he drible is phenomenal, for all this reasons is the number one true player of all the time, we miss you maestrom since you retired, I retired washing football instead I converted to Rugby.

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