Belgium scores a ridiculous header at the FIFA World Cup™ | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

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Belgium scores a ridiculous header at the FIFA World Cup™.

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Belgium scores a ridiculous header at the FIFA World Cup™ | 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Highlights

FOX Soccer


FOX Soccer says:

What did you think about Belgium’s header?

Laik Ruetten says:

I wanna see this highlight start about 15 seconds earlier. It's also about the buildup, not the final moment

Michael Hrisca says:

A salute to Macdonald’s. The golden arch goal.

Miguel Guillermo says:

I like how he doesn’t celebrate . He knows they still have two goals to make before they win

Aiden Hernandez says:

This is so fake Japan just let them score

Mother Russia says:

This only happens in fifa on beginner difficulty

E. Alexander says:

It looked like that header hurt too much for him to celebrate…

Peace Peace says:

Why do Japanese players look so short?

Jawf94 says:

Wow. That is agonizing for Japan, and beautiful for Belgium. Belgium have all the momentum now.

T P says:

Antyone else think Meola sounds like he's calling an NFL game?



PzYcho says:

Atomic header

tolik owens says:

I really don't like this commentators, no passion.

Julian Harden says:

Japan pulled an Atlanta Falcons.

Hollywood tonio says:

What song is playing?

hoastbeef says:

Vertonghen FUT upgrade: 98 HEAD

Stormy Daniels: 99 HEAD

Joe GamingX says:

Amazing Goal!

Rami Ghazzawi says:

Japan played like champions…

Ramencafe says:

Poor Kawashima, that goal loss was devastatingly unfortunate…

Imran Khan says:

Man of the Match awesome amazing impressive

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