Eden Hazard 2018/19 ● The New Captain | Ready for New Season

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Matsho says:


Los Kodigos says:

song ?please

Lucas 777 says:

What's the second song?

Thunder Storm says:

The specialty about Hazard is that he is very fast in making his next move.

Fhjvfjj Jehbfhvc says:

Intro music?

Napoleone . -Il Conquistatore- says:


Enzo Arroyo says:

Walcome to boca juniors

Ikjot Singh Kulwinder says:

Qui aime Eden Hazard

Diego Alvarez says:

Good video hazard is the best

Ahmad Zul says:

Do 'isco ready for the new season' please….!

Mukund Upadhyaya says:

I wish so so much that he scores more goals. If Hazard goes to Real Madrid , He will definitely score more goals than in chelsea. If he scores more goals he will be much much better than Neymar (He already is, he will just be more better )

D Jango says:

I could literarily watch this guy all day its ridiculous

Soccer Jr. says:

SEN31 http://www.prosoccerstore.co is a fake website without a return policy

Soccer Jr. says:

Pro soccer store is fake no one use it

the Games says:

Seleção brasileira convocou ele

Thomas H. says:

How to broke a career of an xcelent player! Chelsea staff you re f…. Bastards, let Eden leave!

Filip Cíferský says:


lackinglol lol says:


adricr790 YT says:

Hazard FIFA world player 18 rusia

cubensis Golden says:

Sarri will unleash THE BEAST!

Umair Ahmed says:

He should join Real Madrid I fell like his talent could be used better no offense to Chelsea but he can do better

Capitain Waffenexperte says:

Eden Harzard is one of the Best Players in the World now❤ #Edenharzardstays

dOsPaCiTo confirmed says:

Azpi shud captain

William Yo says:

Even kante got humiliated by hazard smh

Agrim Tara says:

can someone tell me what is the name of song at intro

JuegaDaNo says:

Como se llama la cancion del principio?

Goku says:

Imagine Hazard and Mbappe

Ethan Manners says:

If he was more selfish he could possibly win the ballon d’or in the future, like if you agree….

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