"You Can't Hit it THAT HARD!" | James Maddison v Harry Maguire | Megs | England

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James Maddison takes on Leicester City teammate, Harry Maguire in the latest episode of Megs.

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Krazy Agario says:

0 dislikes <3

rabuscha official says:

I'm German,but England in my heart.

Aidan Shiu says:

0 dislikes lol.

Truegunner Rocco says:

Sterling vs rashford or lingard

Terminator123623 says:

Unlucky Slabhead, you put up a good fight

Z_boy says:

Do Sancho and Nelson.

CN172005 says:

Do one with Declan rice

Alana Gallagher says:

Do one with Jesse an marcus

cheimak says:

Love James celebration in the end

William Newton says:

coventry kid wins

Beyond Question says:

Phil Jones and J Lingz next, then Sterling and Stones, then Lewis Cook and Callum Wilson

FE4R GhostZ says:

Slabheads Here YAY

Defamoce says:

Chily and grey

Abs Is Awesome says:

My favourite megs so far

Joshua Mwanamuke says:

Please get Kane and Dele

Harrison Bassford says:

Do one with Kane and Pickford

Callum Chuk says:

Dad and son

Jëv Ç.Hüñçhø says:

Why they call him slab head ?

김현 says:

매과이어 너무 남자답게 생겨서 멋짐 나도 남자지만 매과이어처럼 생기고 싶다.

Clayton Moss says:

I thought madison was Henderson

Donald Adeshina says:

Jesse Lingard and Rashy please

chaz says:

Good ol’ slab hed Maguire

Lydia tea says:

Harry McGuire and Harry Kane look like they could be brothers. They both look like they’ve smelled stinky cheese

Hydra says:


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