Raphael Varane the silent GIANT

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Raphael Varane the silent GIANT
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Nino Productions says:

In my opinion, he is underrated. Give some love madridistas ❤️


_zRommeLz_ says:

Next Militão please

Akshay K says:

Varane doesn't get enough recognition cuz he's playing under ramos shadow!
without ramos playing, varane is easily the best defender in the world!

Ishaan Singh Mahiyaria says:

This guy has more goals than bookings

Nabeel ZNMZN says:

Who is the best?
Varane – Like
Ramos – Like


Super underrated cos he keeps a low profile
People like drama and noise


Varane meu ídolo

Kaiser Omega says:

Actualmente Varane está a un nivel muy bueno, casi superior al nivel del mundial de 2018 con Francia… Me encanta que halla vuelto a este nivel

Aljaž Lončar says:

Probably the most underrated player in europe in my opinion

Suryakant Panda says:

I don't know, it's like I'm seeing a new Real Madrid ,not just varane every player which playing is giving their 100% , we have became defensively strong.

Muhammad Mehdi says:

Varane like
Van Dijk cmnt

Varane is the winner

Maxamed Xasan says:

AmazinG viDeo pro keep goinG ❤

Maxamed Xasan says:

Who is next ?

Aman Rana says:

The caption cannot be more legit.

Bro BNZz says:


Prince Suman says:

I wish he could tackle more frequently.


Watch your every single video I’m so glad to watch your channel thnk you NINO PRODUCTION

Abu Rabaah says:

Actually I saw his greatest performance in world cup. Still he's one of bestest CB & I liked the title the silent giant!✌️

somali tv says:

Imagine Varane vs Liverpool full backs he will just enjoy their crosses also De bruyne crosses

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