TOP 10 GOALS: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ [OFFICIAL]

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So many amazing, memorable goals! users chose the 10 best goals at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Which is your favourite?

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Hamoud Alzayed says:

messi's goal vs iran? it was one of messi's best long shots goal in his career !!

Games & Movies says:

at 2:00 beautiful

Luis Alexander says:

Todos los goles excelentes; el MEJOR, el de Robin Van Persie

Fërnandøø Øspîna says:

James Rodriguez

Panelah !!! says:

James todo un crack!!

fuzion pulse says:

tim cahills goal should ve #1

Chewy Suarez says:

Best world cup ever !!!

TheWolf Gamer005 says:

I love how the crowd stands up when a team scores.

Astro Plex 4113 says:

The Dos Santos vs Netherlands?

Boysgamers_YT :v says:

la mitad de los que ven el video son argentinos :'v

glumandino says:

1. James (against Uruguay)
2. Götze
3. Cahill
4. RvP
5. Schürle against Algeria

Miguel Garcia says:

Even though Spain didn't perform, I was very happy to see David Villa not only get into the National team, but also play! However, some goals on this list were much better than his.

Maí Mejia says:

i find so cute that the colombian guy stands in front of the crowd and opens his arms like "this is for you"

borhanehoggard says:

Algeria's third goal against S Korea!!!

Karreen Heath says:

Messi vs nigeria

GotchYT says:

Who watch 2017

Matheus Rodrigues says:

The funniest World Cup ever made

xxNacionalxx gamer says:

van persie's goal left me laughing

Arun Cs Arun says:

james Rodriguez goal not a player 2 beaten

Super Gaming station says:

Because of Goedze stupid Germany take the cup

Marcos Vasquez says:

name music please!!!!

Genius McBrilliant says:

David Villa #NYCFC

Rosy Arauz says:

la mayoria son zurdos.

Patrick Schmucki says:

I like turtles

Benedek Valent says:

messis 8 goal not big

Marek Kuźmiński says:

Rodriguez & Messi twice :)

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