Chelsea 4-4 Ajax: Champions League Recap with Goals, Highlights and Best Moments

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Full highlights as Chelsea and Ajax played out a Champions League classic, with their clash finishing 4-4 at Stamford Bridge.


jeannick sikpa says:

3:23 Wonderful camera angle

Rxcketzz says:


Aidan.w96 says:

Just saying Azpi was offside on his first goal…

Abdullahi Adan says:

Abraham know damn well what he has done on the disallowed goal. Look at him just jog while his teammates go crazy

Darnell Williams says:

Without those red cards Chelsea would’ve been embarrassed by Ajax lol

Beats jotuetui says:

Ajax is a small team

Soccer Player says:


J T says:

just rewatching this, Odoi looked pretty good

LordDragul Smitty says:

Pulisic caused 2 goals but doesn't get the credit for assists it's insane

OverlordDynasty AoW says:

uncatchable corner kick..100% perfection

Andrew Dunaif says:

Anyone know the name of the commentators?

X X says:

Que no kepa la duda que kepa tuvo un mal partido.

Jay Jay says:

Please no results in title, it ruins all

Feliz niño con su cel de juguete jjj Ramirez Cruz says:

Get your calls right

Franc B says:

Easy to tie when u pay the ref! Bs that penalty n two red cards. Chelsea paid well.

Varun Madhavan says:

I don't understand why Chelsea fans are celebrating this. I respect Lampard for what he's done and is doing. . But Chelsea got super lucky with the double red + pen. Hope Lampard can sort out the defensive side of things for the Blues.

Anthony Dion says:

holy fuck what a contest and what a strike by Ziyech

Benny Atar says:

Wow … UEFA you are biggest bitch in this Game .

Ahmed Jalal says:

Still think after 4-1 Ajax has a defense that is weak….should’ve never let the game goes out of their hands , boy what a goal from ziach!!!!

George Fares says:

Pulisic was brilliant

CharlesWhy says:

ok so like wtf ajax has so much talent…

Serge R says:

Ref made the game for chelsea.
Probably got a new boat after it.
Soccer is pathetic game.
Ajax proves to be heavy train for the clubs

Daniel Garcia says:

& arsenal didn’t want to buy Ziyech. he’ll be playing in madrid next season.

steve moh says:

عجب محشری شد

Deezy G says:

bro Ziyech is DISGUSTING

Patrick Stubbs says:

They thief out ajax Chelsea should never come back from 1-4 but wait ajax referee help Chelsea.


Favor from the referee

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