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The UEFA Technical Observers have named their top ten goals of this season. Watch them all now!

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus v Manchester United) – group stage matchday four, 07/11/2018

Technical Observers say: An accurate long pass and a brilliantly controlled volley.

2 – Lionel Messi (Barcelona v Liverpool) – semi-final first leg, 01/05/2019

Technical Observers say: A powerful and precise free-kick.

3 – Sadio Mané (Bayern v Liverpool) – round of 16 second leg, 13/03/2019

Technical Observers say: A precise long pass behind the full-back followed by skilful control, turn and shot.

4 – Ivan Rakitić (Tottenham v Barcelona) – group stage matchday two, 03/10/2018

Technical Observers say: A suberb volley with an extremely high degree of difficulty.

5 – Leroy Sané (Manchester City v Hoffenheim) – group stage matchday six, 12/12/2018

Technical Observers say: Powerfully struck swerving free-kick.

6 – Kylian Mbappé (Manchester United v Paris Saint-Germain) – round of 16 first leg, 12/02/2019

Technical Observers say: A swift team transition finished by an excellent low cross pass to Mbappé whose acceleration and finish were high quality.

7 – Raheem Sterling (Manchester City v Shakhtar Donetsk) – group stage matchday four, 07/11/2018

Technical Observers say: A brilliant individual goal, twisting and turning away from a group of players and opening up to curl into the far corner.

8 – Ousmane Dembélé (Barcelona v Tottenham) – group stage matchday six, 11/12/2018

Technical Observers say: An excellent individual counter combining high speed and a calm finish.

9 – Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona v Manchester United) – quarter-final second leg, 16/04/2019

Technical Observers say: A powerfully struck shot into the far corner.

10 – Luis Suárez (Barcelona v Liverpool) – semi-final first leg, 01/05/2019

Technical Observers say: Clever centre forward movement and a deft sliding finish to Jordi Alba’s low cross.

UEFA Technical Observers in Madrid:

Thomas Schaaf (Germany), Peter Rudbæk (Denmark), David Moyes (Scotland), Raúl González (Spain), Packie Bonner (Republic of Ireland), Michael O’Neill (Northern Ireland), Gareth Southgate (England), Roberto Martínez (Spain), Ginés Meléndez (Spain)


네이마르 says:

This list is fucked up

Saiye Rugara says:

Mane vs Bayern was the best.

Ognjen Gradistanac says:

Messi goal is best

Cristi Stefanescu STB says:

Pavkov vs Liverpool?

TestNamePleaseIgnore says:

the person who made this list is a ronaldo fanboy,really n1 that goal?

Marvelous Egbo says:

Brugge goal vs atletico

Hilmy Fadillah says:

Me :1.messi freekick vs liverpool
The heck is ronaldo?

Sindex says:

A person who doesn’t even watch football can make a better list then this

Abhinav Singh says:

Messi's goal was voted best and still no. 2 ??

arturo piancaldini says:

Messi's gol is better then ronaldo's

Tanish Panicker says:

I think that Lionel Messi’s goal should have been the best against Liverpool


Hell no ronaldon goal is not number one messi goal was way better even manes goal

Chan Vlogs says:

Barca had the best goals

Erayasan Group says:

The freeckicks are missing
Sane vs schalke
Shone vs real madrid
Messi was the best tho
Not only it was a Long ranger it was also against the winners of the champions league

star gamer says:

This list is a disgrace!

Erayasan Group says:

How is Ronaldos goal first
It's not even good as his goal against ajax


Messi's goal was number 1 ranked officially…

Luciano Souza says:

Messi goal vs United????

Ojas Bhanarkar says:

This ain't it, chief. This ain't it.

The Black Wizard says:

How goal ronaldo is first
Goal messi vs liverpool is first

K Aboumahli says:

And tailafico

Edwin R says:

Messi's and cristi's goals were amazing

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