World Cup 2018 ● Best & Greatest Moments ● Despacito

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Stanley Trussler says:

You are stupid

Logan Thomason says:

England should be proud how far they came

vegetables 33336 says:


Sergio martinez says:

I liked when Colombia goaled

Ivan Barišić says:

Fuc * you you hate croatia france isnt god ad football lucky

Zdzisiu Jerzyna says:



Ariel Bao Espinoza says:

La canción es la fea

Johann Keller says:

Very nice video

Pedro Guilherme says:

Os lances foram espetaculares

tik tok like says:

messi is the best

Kenneth Wagener says:


israel castilla says:

1:13 di maria es un crack

Xavier Pio says:

6:11 this guy handball the ball,it was an open shot then karma strikes

Vucko 09 says:

I watch this video 30 times

Sergio martinez says:

I love soccer

Matome Ralepelle says:

Someone Please Help Providing BackGround Track's Details

Richie says:

Best World Cup proud of my Mexico sad we got rob fuck Brazil

F Gaming says:

russia vs croatia was like the best game of all world cups in history u were like if 1 side scored u knew that the other side would score too

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